Hitachi Storage Virtualization

Enterprise Storage Virtualization Solutions

Hitachi Virtualized Tiered Storage Solutions

  • Unique ability: virtualizes externally attached storage systems.
  • Integrates legacy and low-cost storage for reduced costs.
  • Delivers superior storage service at lower cost via storage systems that encompass multiple storage service levels and price points.

Unique Ability to Virtualize External Storage

Today's enterprise data centers feature storage systems and storage network infrastructures from many vendors. To solve this disparity, Hitachi virtualized tiered-storage architecture consolidates heterogeneous storage solutions into a single managed set of tiered pools. The architecture provides external storage with thin provisioning, advanced replication, logical partitioning and advanced virtual server support.

High performance and scalability deliver storage services, on demand, for critical IT and cloud applications. Virtualization technologies allow the separation of logical views from physical assets. This architecture provides the right cost, performance, reliability and availability characteristics of storage to match application requirements. Now you can easily and flexibly align storage infrastructure with business requirements.

  • Enables deployment of multi-tiered storage.
  • Integrates heterogeneous systems.
  • Consolidates and rationalizes storage and storage management points.

Unlock Hidden Resources

Learn how Hitachi storage virtualization gives you access to all of your resources, from Hitachi and other vendors, in a unified pool:

Features and Benefits

Business Benefits

  • Increases capital expense savings and lowers operational costs.
  • Improves storage visibility with centralized management.
  • Increases utilization.
  • Delivers higher availability.
  • Reduces application service interruptions.
  • Enables alignment of storage infrastructure with business requirements.

Technical Benefits

  • Simplifies provisioning and storage management.
  • Enables precise storage service-level management.
  • Leverages existing storage resources.
  • Provides easy nondisruptive data migration.
  • Extends new functionality to older assets.
  • Enhances performance and provides automated performance optimization.
  • Enables thin provisioning.
  • Improves security with logical partitioning, role-based access, audit logging, and other security features.
  • Supports a wide range of certified external storage systems behind Hitachi enterprise storage systems. Click here to see the list: Supported external storage
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