Continuous Cloud Infrastructure

Continuous Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Build an Available, Automated, Agile IT Foundation

  • Always available:  delivering continuous availability.
  • Always automated: removing management overhead and reducing cost.
  • Always agile: deploy new solutions quickly to support business needs.

Prepare For Your IT Future

It’s About Availability
Create an environment where continuous availability becomes a reality. Where advanced Hitachi technology helps you maintain application service levels no matter what, and where technology refreshes and data migrations happen without application impact.

It’s About Automation
With increased automation for performance management, rolling out new environments and optimizing your environment will lower costs. This frees IT resources to focus on new business initiatives.

It’s About Agility
Building an infrastructure to support all workloads allows you to accelerate time to value and deploy more quickly. Software-led virtualization and orchestration drives efficiencies and helps accelerate your private cloud journey.

Features and Benefits


  • Future-proof infrastructure that is ready for new applications and environments.
  • Combination of enterprise-ready software-defined storage, advanced global storage virtualization, and efficient, scalable, high-performance hardware.
  • Advanced virtualization across all IT layers to provide services that span physical devices.
  • Integrated to deliver continuous availability to key application environments.
  • Simplified and integrated management framework across the infrastructure.


  • Less time spent managing infrastructure, more time understanding business objectives and partnering on new initiatives.
  • Longer useful life of assets, providing greater return on IT investments.
  • Faster time-to-value for new environment or application rollouts.
  • More efficient and simplified data protection and business continuity lowers cost and removes risk.
  • Streamlined management reduces operating expense and risk of human error in infrastructure management.

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