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Your Cloud, Your Journey

Cloud combines technologies, solutions and elastic financial models to help you deliver SLA-based services in an agile, efficient and cost-effective way.

Some organizations are building private cloud, while many are using a combination of clouds, called hybrid cloud. With HDS, you can choose the cloud delivery model that's right for you. HDS will help you achieve the best balance of flexibility and control to lower cost and make data mobile and accessible wherever and whenever needed.

Features and Benefits
  • Choice of delivery models to optimize your cloud benefits.
  • Support for greater data and content mobility improves access for mobile and remote workers.
  • Just-in-time consumption means more efficient resource utilization and lower operational costs.
  • Hosted services reduce or eliminate the need for additional in-house resources, freeing up resources for more strategic activities.
  • Intelligent tiering of data and content better aligns information with IT based on value, increasing insight and lowering costs.

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