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The HDS Academy is proud to offer courses related to the Information Technology (IT) market, with an emphasis on storage, through our regular calendar in three regions: Mexico, Brazil, and the remainder of South America, which is served by our Argentine center. Through our service base, we have the capacity to offer training in most principal cities. If you can’t find the course you are looking for on our calendar, please contact your nearest HDS training center about future offerings.

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The quick lookup tool can help you find the public facing courses currently available based on location, date range and/or keywords. Please note the following when searching for courses other than public-facing listings:

  • To search or browse a complete listing of all our courses, including our Web-based offerings, go to the Learning Center.
  • Please visit PartnerXchange for course listings specific to our partners.
  • To search virtual-instructor led offerings, select “Virtual” from the “Location” dropdown menu.


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Looking for virtual-instructor-led training (vILT)?

Please note: Hitachi Data Systems Academy has moved from using 2 different course codes to a single course code for both instructor-led training (ILT) and vILT. A search using the old vILT course code will surface the new single-course code, and virtual offerings can be identified by location.

If you have any questions, contact Academy Help.

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