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Consulting Services


Consulting Services Portfolio

Consulting Services Portfolio

Consulting services with focused data capabilities

  • Strategy Roadmap - Identification and analysis of strategic alternatives to deliver high value. Workshops enable hands-on decision-maker engagement and insight.
  • Assessment and Audit - In-depth analysis of your IT environment to better understand its current state and resource management.
  • Transformation Planning and Design - Architecture blueprints to guide you and your organization throughout the transformation journey.

  • Our extensive consulting services portfolio focuses on 3 layers that align with the evolution of the IT landscape as you transform to a #Business Defined IT and Social Innovator success:
    • Infrastructure Consulting Services: Services to help define, analyze, and plan a virtualized, dynamic, resilient, and integrated compute and storage infrastructure environment.
    • Content Consulting Services: Services with focus on information lifecycle management of structured and unstructured data and content. These services provide a complete approach on how to search, discover, and integrate content independent of the applications that create it.
    • Information Consulting Services: Services targeting the analysis and planning on how to extract, analyze, and visualize information to provide higher value to the business.
  • Whether you are extending your Enterprise to the cloud or moving towards a service-oriented IT organization or #Business Defined IT strategy, our consulting services can provide you with the ability to:
    • Identify, analyze, and prioritize strategic solution alternatives that deliver the highest value to your business.
    • Understand the best approach for consuming and delivering IT resources.
    • Provide an in-depth view of your cloud, data models, and information lifecycle management frameworks.
    • Develop a detailed transition plan that will help you in this transformation journey.

Storage, Networking, Software Services

Integrating new technologies and transforming your IT infrastructure is essential for your competitiveness and success, yet the adoption of new technologies also exposes you to risk, introduces new complexity to your operations, and likely causes added burden and strain on your resources.

Our Consulting Services experts will help you strategize as you evolve toward a #Business Defined IT and ensure you have low-risk, rapid, accurate deployments of our robust hardware and software technologies to convert your data center into an agile information center.

File and Content Services

Hitachi Data Systems has helped hundreds of customers manage unstructured data throughout its lifecycle and enable cloud, big data and converged infrastructure strategies. We combine Global Services expertise and know-how with our integrated storage family to help you store and manage file and content data for all of your file, sync and share business needs.

Mainframe Services

The IBM® System z®, (mainframe) continues to be a critical foundation in the IT infrastructure of many large companies today. Hitachi Data Systems Global Services organization offers many choices for supporting your mainframe environments including infrastructure monitoring, dynamic provisioning, local and remote replication and virtualization of external storage, and more. Let our experts assess, plan, and design your environment so you can successfully migrate your mainframe data to new technology and provide value to the business as a #Business Defined IT organization.

Business Continuity Services

Businesses require data to be available when needed, and data must be recoverable if a failure occurs. Hitachi Data Systems Global Services organization offers you a clear understanding of what is really involved in implementing a data resilience solution for your organization. That understanding includes a solid plan for return on investment.

Global Services can help you strategize with the many choices available to you to simplify disaster recovery and data protection planning, minimize downtime and protect your information assets, and maximize the use of resources and personnel.

Compute and Converged Services

Hitachi Data Systems offers a rich portfolio of services capabilities to help jumpstart deployment and integration of your converged platform infrastructure into VMware, the SAP HANA Platform, Oracle or Microsoft® environments to meet the demands of data growth, transition to cloud, big data opportunities, and application and services oriented business needs.

Further, in collaboration with our industry-leading partners, we can vastly compliment and extend the range of converged application services, such as the following examples:

  • Infrastructure Audit and Architecture Planning
  • IT Server and VM Deployment and Migrations
  • Backup, Archiving and Compliance Planning and Deployment