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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 Specifications: Capacity

Type Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000
Configuration Rackmountable Virtual Storage Directors and Disk Drive Chassis
Number of Disk Drives (with spares) 0-2,304 2.5" disks
0-1,152 3.5" disks
Number of Disk Spares (min/max) 1-96
Number of Flash Drives 0-384
Number of Hitachi Accelerated Flash Module (FMD) 0-576
Flash Drives 400GB 2.5"
800GB 2.5"
Disk Drive 300GB 2.5” 15K RPM
600GB 2.5” 10K RPM
900GB 2.5” 10K RPM
1.2TB 2.5” 10K RPM
4TB 3.5” 7.2K RPM
Flash Module Drive 1.6TB
Internal Raw Capacity (TB)
Maximum (300GB disks) 664.0
Maximum (600GB disks) 1,328.0
Maximum (900GB disks) 1,992.0
Maximum (1.2TB disks) 2,656.1
Maximum (4TB disks) 4,511.3
Maximum (1.6TB FMD) 1,013.3
Maximum (3.2TB FMD) 2,026.6
Maximum Usable Internal Capacity RAID-6 (14D+2P)
Open Systems (OPEN-V) 3,892
z/OS-compatible (3390-M) 3,562
Maximum Usable Internal Capacity RAID-5 (7D+1P)
Open Systems (OPEN-V) 3,920
z/OS-compatible (3390-M) 3,584
Maximum Usable Internal Capacity RAID-1 (2D+2D)
Open Systems (OPEN-V) 2,248
z/OS-compatible (3390-M) 2,046
Other Features
Maximum internal and external capacity (PB) 255
Number of Virtual Storage Machine (Max) 8
Number of Resource Group (Max) 1023

Note: 1. For each drive type fitted in a system, the minimum quantity is one RAID group of 4 plus a spare.
 2. Drive capacities and types shown for different RAID types are examples only.