Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000

Foundation for a Continuous Cloud Infrastructure

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1000


Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1000 - Single Rack with Bezels Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1000 - Six Racks with Bezels Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1000 - Single Rack with Door Availability, Automation, and Agility

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000

Single Rack With Bezels

VSP G1000

Six Racks with Bezels

VSP G1000

Single Rack with Door

Availability, Automation, and Agility

The foundation for global storage virtualization.

  • Always-on operations: Delivering zero recovery point and time objectives. Its customer-driven nondisruptive migration1 removes maintenance windows. Solutions for multiple data centers ensure that data access and replication are maintained while technology refreshes are performed.
  • Simplified operations: IT productivity is increased with Hitachi Command Suite, which delivers policy-driven, automated and unified management.
  • Heterogeneous workload consolidation: Increase virtual machine density with advanced multi-tenancy capabilities and quality-of-service management. Resource pooling capabilities can be extended to many multivendor physical controllers.

Enabling the Continuous Cloud Infrastructure

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 provides the always-available, agile and automated foundation needed for a trusted continuous-cloud infrastructure. Powered with Hitachi global storage virtualization, its new software capabilities unlock IT agility and enable the lowest storage TCO.

We are delivering the industry's best combination of enterprise-ready software-defined storage, advanced global storage virtualization, and efficient, scalable, high-performance hardware. This combination enables the continuous operations, self-managing policy-driven management, and agile IT demanded by today's new breed of cloud applications.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 (VSP G1000) with Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operation System (SVOS) is the next generation of enterprise storage that redefines storage virtualization and resets customer expectations.

Global storage virtualization enables an always-on infrastructure. Enterprise-wide scalability provides a complete separation between host and storage independent of connectivity, location, storage system or vendor.

Customer-driven nondisruptive migration1 capability enables movement, copy and migration of data between storage systems, including 3rd-party storage systems, without interrupting application access and replication.

Integrated active mirroring2 enables volume extensibility between systems and across sites through the provisioning and management of active-active volumes up to 100 km apart3.

Unified storage with enterprise scalability allows administrators to centrally manage large pools of storage across virtualized storage pools of SAN, NAS or object storage.

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1Separately licensed feature available after initial release. Ask your HDS representative or partner for more information.

2Active mirroring is enabled by the Hitachi global active device feature, a separately licensed feature.

3Requires the Hitachi global active device feature.

Features and Benefits

External SAN storage virtualization capabilityExtends the useful life of existing assets
Reduces migration pains, costs, and risk when moving from legacy Hitachi or 3rd party devices
Fully redundant architecture with no single point of failure and support for online hardware upgrades, hot preventive maintenance, and pro-active drive sparing.Designed for use in environments demanding greater than 100% uptime; the system has a 100% data availability guarantee.
Non-disruptive microcode upgrades are completed without affecting application quality of service
896 GB/sec aggregate internal bandwidth 7th generation Hi-Star™ crossbar switch-based architectureProven scalability that outperforms other enterprise-class systems
Hitachi NAS hardware-accelerated network protocolsLeading performance with 2GB/sec throughput per node for sequential workloads and up to 1.2 million NFS operations per second.
Up to 8 virtual storage director pairsExtreme scalability for large database processing and the highest virtual machine density.
Up to 8-node Hitachi NAS platform clustersHighest usable capacity available in the least rack space. Support up to 32PB usable capacity, 256TB file system pools, large single namespace up to maximum capacity, and up to 60,000 concurrent users.
Up to 2TB global cache dynamically accessible by all connected hosts and Hitachi NAS nodesWorkload acceleration and improved quality of service
Up to 192 Fibre Channel 8 Gb/sec or 96 Fibre Channel 16Gb/sec host ports or 176 IBM® FICON 8Gb/sec host ports or 192 Fibre Channel over Ethernet(FCoE) host ports and 4 x 10 Gb Ethernet per file module.Unmatched multiplatform connectivity
Virtual SAN ports (host groups) managementExpanded connectivity
Hitachi NAS Platform nodes provide primary data deduplication using hardware-based SHA-256 calculation enginesUp to 90% capacity savings while maintaining high-performance
Unlimited file clonesImproved capacity utilization efficiency with writeable snapshots
Latest 2.5 in. and 3.5 in. 6Gb/sec SAS drives with up to 2,304 drives in 6 19-inch standard racks.Lower power consumption and higher density per rack
Enterprise-level thin provisioning. Support of 128 pools with capacity of up to 12.3PB, capacity over provisioning, online volume growth, automated wide-stripping and pool (re)balancingSimplifies capacity planning and increases application performance in a smaller footprint
Dynamic tiering within a single standalone system or across an entire heterogeneous storage pool and intelligent file tiering combined with automated migrationPlace the right data in the right place at the right time with no performance degradation
Hitachi Accelerated Flash and native SVOS flash optimizationEnable consitent quality of service and eliminates noisy neighbor application issues
Enables more than 99.9% of transactions to be executed within sub-millisecond response
Flexible Placement in Data Center: primary controller chassis (and connected drive chassis) can be installed up to 100 meters apart from secondary controllerOptimal use of data center space


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