Hitachi Unified Storage 100 Family

Unified Without Compromise

Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) Systems


Hitachi Unified Storage 150 - Scalable Unified Storage System Hitachi Unified Storage 130 - Midsized Unified Systems Hitachi Unified Storage 110 - Entry-priced Unified Systems

Unified Storage 150

Most scalable unified storage system for enterprises.

Unified Storage 130

Midsize unified systems for large businesses.

Unified Storage 110

Entry-priced unified systems for midsize businesses.

  • Powerful combination of block, file and object storage.
  • Balanced scalability that extends your investment.
  • All-flash and hybrid solutions speed decision making.

Consolidate for Savings

We redefine unified storage systems with Hitachi Unified Storage. Meet your requirements for application availability and performance with lower investment, and enjoy Hitachi reliability. Deploy storage for all data types and easily grow to meet expanding requirements and service-level objectives for critical business applications. Hitachi Unified Storage 100 simplifies operations with easy-to-use management. It is part of a robust portfolio of storage solutions that can be managed from a single interface for optimal management efficiency.

Features and benefits

  • Comprehensive and integrated management for block, file and object data.
  • High-density storage, which reduces consumption of data center floor space.
  • Automated data management with dynamic provisioning, dynamic load balancing, and auto-tiering.
  • Ability to scale capacity, performance, file systems, and volumes.
  • De-duplicate data to reduce consumed capacity.

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Features and Benefits


  • Deploy all-flash or hybrid storage by using innovative Hitachi Accelerated Flash.
  • Automatically tier data.
  • Tier multiple levels in as little as a single tray.
  • Reduce power and cooling costs with automated drive spin down.
  • Employ thin provisioning.
  • Consolidate all files systems under a single namespace.
  • Scale LUNs to 128 TB and file systems to 256 TB.
  • Create up to 1,024 writeable snapshots per LUN and per file system.
  • Copy all data remotely for greater protection.
  • 99.999% data availability and no single point of failure.
  • Up to 32 data paths with 19,200MB/sec of total backend system bandwidth.
  • High-density disk trays store more than 330 TB each.
  • Wide striping of data across multiple RAID groups.


  • Flexibly provision capacity to block LUNs and file volumes as needed.
  • Grow capacity of existing pools without reducing performance.
  • De-duplicate data to recover 30-90% of total capacity.
  • Encrypt data to reduce risk of data theft from removed devices.
  • Migrate unused data to the cloud.
  • Reduce backup time.
  • Get optimized price performance.
  • Scale performance linearly as capacity is added.
  • Maximize access time to data.
  • Improve storage utilization rates.
  • Simplify storage management.
  • Reduce data center floor-space consumption.
  • Meet service-level objectives.


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