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Accelerate Your Applications With Flash Storage

  • Answer application performance challenges with optimized, highly flexible storage options in either all-flash or tiered configurations.
  • Use the unique, purpose-built design of Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage to gain the maximum benefits, highest performance and leading flash density.
  • Benefit from common and simple management, thin provisioning, replication, deduplication or tiering, no matter which HDS flash-storage system you choose.

Unleash the Power and Efficiency of Flash Technology

Hitachi flash technology helps you dramatically improve the performance of business-critical applications by eliminating storage bottlenecks and consistently delivering sub-millisecond response. Built specifically to meet the needs of business users, our flash storage solutions give you the building blocks you need to deploy high-performance all-flash systems, hybrid tiered infrastructures, or upgrades to current storage infrastructures.

"As for the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000, we seldom see this much horsepower in a traditional monolithic storage system but they must be doing something right at Hitachi, because it is blowing every other system completely out of the water here." – Silverton Consulting - See more at: http://silvertonconsulting.com/cms1/category/hds/hitachi-vsp/hitachi-vsp-g1000/#sthash.f3zP0BC7.dpuf

  • We have built our patented Hitachi Accelerated Flash hardware to maximize the performance, durability, serviceability and density of flash for enterprise applications.
  • With flash acceleration software upgrades for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform midrange family, we have reengineered our storage system software to maximize flash performance.
  • Use the breadth of the Hitachi flash portfolio to find the flash deployment option that best meets your needs: all-flash, tiered, or virtualized.
  • Upgrade existing HDS storage to Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage or SSDs to boost performance.
  • Manage your HDS flash-based systems with your existing Hitachi Command Suite software.

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Features and Benefits

Hitachi Accelerated FlashPatented Hitachi technology for extended durability, consistent performance and the highest flash capacity
High PerformanceIncreases application performance and lowers response times
Improved EconomicsUp to 60% better cost per I/O than similar disk-based systems
Ease of IntegrationFits into your application, database, virtualization and VDI plans as well as your existing storage management environment
High ReliabilityLegendary Hitachi reliability with the industry's only 100% availability guarantee (VSP and HUS VM)
Upgrade FlexibilityStart with flash, upgrade later to unified or tiered storage as your needs change
Unified ManagementA single software platform for managing all systems and storage types
Capacity EfficiencyReclaim capacity, copy without overhead, deduplicate file data
External VirtualizationManage all storage consistently and extend flash performance to non-Hitachi storage
Broad PortfolioSolve storage needs for consolidation, file sharing, and content archiving


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