Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System

Virtualize, Simplify and Reduce Costs

Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS)


The Foundation for Global Storage Virtualization

Availability, Automation and Agility

The foundation for global storage virtualization.

  • Virtualized software-defined storage enables agile configuration and control.
  • Continuous operations, virtualization and mobility.
  • Self-balancing with automated performance and capacity optimization.

Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) provides system element management and advanced storage system functions, such as storage virtualization, thin provisioning, storage service-level controls and performance instrumentation across multiple storage platforms.

SVOS abstracts information from storage systems, virtualizes and pools available storage resources, and automates key storage management functions. This unified environment maximizes utilization and capabilities of your storage resources, and significantly reduces operations costs. Standards-compatible for easy integration into IT environments, SVOS enables the features and control required to build infrastructures that are continuously available, automated and agile.

The optional global-active device feature* provides active-active clustering of volumes that span 2 physical storage systems. Spanned active-active volumes offer simplified high-availability server configurations and attractive distributed architecture advantages for concurrent applications in 2 site designs.

* Global-active device feature licensed separately, available on Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000. For information on VSP midrange family support contact your HDS sales representative.

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Features and Benefits

Continuous Operations, Virtualization and Mobility

  • Enables full and continuous fault-tolerant virtualized storage.
  • Supports global storage virtualization a virtual storage environment spanning local and remote physical storage systems.
  • Improves performance, reclaims capacity and simplifies storage provisioning with advanced thin provisioning.
  • Virtualizes heterogeneous external storage systems.
  • Enables older external storage with SVOS capabilities such as thin provisioning, replication, advanced server environment support.
  • Allows storage volumes to span local and remote physical storage systems and provide for continuous operations with global-active device feature*.
  • Virtualizes and automates mobility between tiers for maximum performance and efficiency with Hitachi Dynamic Tiering*.
  • Supports advanced control of online volume migrations that move data for performance or operational reasons with Hitachi Data Mobility*. Moves data within a storage system or between virtualized storage systems, without server or application disruption.

* - Separately licensed features.

Configuration and Control

  • Consolidates and rationalizes storage and storage management points.
  • Configures storage system for mixed Microsoft®, UNIX, Linux, mainframe and VMware virtual server environments.
  • Enables simple, consistent, administrative operations across storage systems.
  • Allows access from anywhere using secure protocols.
  • Manages storage from a business perspective. Uses logical views not tied to physical assets. This approach forms a durable storage architecture that provides the required service levels of cost, performance, reliability and availability for different applications.
  • Offers secure multitenancy support. Includes resource partitions and enterprise-authentication system integration. Integrates Hitachi storage with other management systems through REST, VAAI, VSS, NDMP, SNMP and CIM/SMI-S.
  • Provides advanced multipathing with Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced, as well as clustering support, and centralized management of distributed SAN multipath configurations.

Self-Balancing, Automated Performance and Capacity Optimization

  • Automates efficient use of storage capacity and performance. System self-adjusts and optimizes to meet changing performance and capacity requirements.
  • In both block and file environments, employs the benefits of Dynamic Provisioning to use both internal and virtualized storage more efficiently and to optimize automatically.
  • Ensures storage service levels to individual servers or applications. Allows workload balancing and performance troubleshooting.
  • Eliminates need for administrators to micromanage the storage system.
  • Takes advantage of advanced data dispersion technologies and dynamic load balancing to automatically improve and optimize performance, reduce waste, and maximize storage utilization.

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Technical Papers

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Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS)

  • Global storage virtualization capability enables active-active clustering environment spanning multiple matched VSP family storage systems.*
  • Universal Volume Manager enables virtualization of external heterogeneous storage.
  • Dynamic Provisioning provides thin provisioning for simplified provisioning operations, automatic performance optimization, and storage space savings.
  • Device Manager provides single-point management for all Hitachi physical and virtualized storage, and acts as the interface for integration with other management systems.
  • Resource Partition Manager supports secure administrative partitions for multitenancy requirements.
  • Cache partition manager feature supports up to 32 cache partitions.
  • Dynamic Link Manager Advanced provides advanced SAN multipathing with centralized management.
  • Performance monitor feature provides an intuitive, graphical interface to assist with performance configuration planning, workload balancing, and analyzing and optimizing storage system performance.
  • Storage system-based utilities include LUN manager, virtual LVI (customized volume size), Data Retention Utility, cache residency manager feature, Server Priority Manager, audit log, command control interface (CCI), RAIDCOM, and volume shredder feature.
  • Standard management interface support including SMI-S provider, SNMP agent and REST.
  • Supported operating systems
  • Supported externally attached storage systems

* Requires separately licensed global-active device feature, which is available for the VSP G1000 but on VSP midrange systems after initial release. Ask your HDS representative or partner for more information.

Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS)

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