Hitachi Storage Viewer, powered by APTARE®

Efficient Heterogeneous Storage Resource Management

Manage Multi-Vendor Storage and Backup


Multi-Vendor Backup Dashboard Multi-Vendor Storage Dashboard

Backup Dashboard

Manage Growing Multi-Vendor Backup Environments

Storage Dashboard

Manage Growing Multi-Vendor Storage Environments

  • Integrated set of management products to properly manage multi-vendor storage and backup environments and control costs.
  • Heterogeneous storage resource management reporting for storage capacity, server virtualization, SAN fabrics, file analytics and backup data protection.
  • Customized reporting tools deliver storage capacity and backup visibility across multi-vendor storage infrastructures.

Manage Multi-Vendor Storage and Backup

Hitachi Storage Viewer provides comprehensive reporting to help you maximize the storage capacity utilization and increase the backup effectiveness of your multi-vendor storage environment.

The seamlessly integrated Storage Viewer products employ a common graphical user interface, data repository and dashboards that consist of the following product modules:

  • Hitachi Storage Viewer for Backup: Increase backup and recovery success.
  • Hitachi Storage Viewer for Capacity: Analyze and optimize storage capacity across heterogeneous storage resources.
  • Hitachi Storage Viewer for File Analytics: Fast, scalable file system profiling and analysis for unstructured data.
  • Hitachi Storage Viewer for SAN Fabrics: Visualize SAN topology, improve SAN performance and properly monitor SAN fabric changes.
  • Hitachi Storage Viewer for Virtual Servers: Improve storage allocation and utilization for virtualized servers.

Gain Control of Heterogeneous Storage Environments

Features and Benefits

Hitachi Storage Viewer for Backup

  • See real-time views of enterprise backup infrastructures.
  • Gain backup operation visibility and service-level accountability.
  • Optimize backup data-protection environments and ensure that data is fully protected.


  • Improve backup success and service levels.
  • Control backup infrastructure costs and increase reliability of backup resources.
  • Develop data protection compliance reporting.

Hitachi Storage Viewer for Capacity

  • Provide visibility of storage consumption by hosts or applications.
  • Report on storage users to help identify under- or over-utilized storage resources.
  • Use historical trending for improved capacity forecasting.


  • Effectively monitor and analyze capacity utilization of multi-vendor storage assets.
  • Properly track storage capacity growth.
  • Use predictive analysis to help future storage planning.

Hitachi Storage Viewer for File Analytics

  • Scan, profile and analyze large file systems.
  • Properly identify and manage files, helping to facilitate the archiving of outdated or infrequently accessed files.
  • Purpose-built database efficiently stores file meta-data to speed file analytics.


  • Provide fast and scalable enterprise-file analytics.
  • Properly control unstructured file-system growth.
  • Facilitate compliance to corporate file-management policies.

Hitachi Storage Viewer for SAN Fabrics

  • Provide end-to-end view of SAN network paths with graphical representation of the SAN, from the server to the storage system.
  • View and drill down into switch configurations and connectivity.
  • Track SAN fabric changes and dependencies over time.


  • Increase visibility of SAN network topologies.
  • Improve SAN performance and reliability.
  • Deliver SAN change-management insights.

Hitachi Storage Viewer for Virtual Servers

  • Provide correlated view of VMware virtual machines with their respective storage resources.
  • Monitor current shared-storage resource usage.
  • Track virtual machine-storage performance metrics, such as disk I/O, disk reads/writes and disk latency.


  • Comprehensive storage-management reporting that fully integrates VMware server infrastructures.
  • Maximize storage utilization in virtualized server environments.
  • Improve virtual-machine performance and storage-resource planning.

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