Hitachi Protection Platform Backup Appliance

Powerful and Scalable Data Protection

  • Fastest Backup - Up to 8 times faster than competitors with up to 80TB per hour throughput.
  • Fastest Recovery - Forward Referencing deduplication technology enables restoration in minutes not hours.
  • Most Scalable - Scales from 36TB up to 4PB in a single system without sacrificing performance.

Protect Data and Manage Exponential Data Growth

Hitachi Protection Platform (formerly Sepaton) delivers fast, scalable data protection that enables large, data-intensive enterprises to store, move, access, protect, and restore data with optimal efficiency and cost savings. Hitachi Protection Platform features grid scalability to eliminate data center sprawl by letting you add performance and/or capacity only as you need more data protection. Protection Platform also features efficient data deduplication technology that detects and deduplicates all data types even when using incremental backups and/or multi-streamed, multiplexed databases, for increased cost-savings, capacity optimization.

Hitachi Protection Platform leverages reliable Hitachi storage to efficiently protect your corporate data. Enterprises become better able to manage the exponential growth of new data through reduction or elimination of duplicate data in their backups.

  • Market-leading backup and recovery performance that scales up to 80TB/hour.
  • Unique byte-differential deduplication for massive data volumes, without slower performance.
  • Support for virtual tape libraries (VTL) and Veritas OpenStorage Technology (OST) interfaces.
  • Encryption of data at rest, with no performance penalty.
  • Remote replication of large data volumes to a disaster recovery site with up to 97% less bandwidth.

Discover Better Deduplication

Features and Benefits


  • Scalable grid architecture enables addition of performance and/or capacity independently, as needed. Powerful deduplication controls growth cost effectively at the byte level, without slowing performance.
  • High-speed delta differencing deduplication technology enables byte-level deduplication of fast multi-stream, multiplexed databases, without compromising performance.
  • Remote replication lets you replicate large data volumes to a disaster recovery site or from branch locations to your main data center.
  • Data erasure delivers guaranteed, auditable erasure of data on virtual tape cartridges to save media costs and enable a greener data center.


  • Meet Backup Windows – Complete multi-petabyte backups within backup windows and restore data within SLAs.
  • Save Time and Money – Reduce administration time and costs through complete automation and capacity efficiency.
  • “Pay as you Grow” Scalability – Control cash flow and lower capital expenses by incrementally purchasing performance and/or capacity as needed.
  • Reduce Risks – Decrease risks of downtime, data unavailability and data loss.
  • Investment Protection – Eliminate need for “rip-and-replace” changes by eliminating or reassigning existing tape libraries, backup appliances or storage resources.


Protection Platform Backup Appliance

Learn more about how Hitachi Protection Platform's unique and patented grid scalable architecture can help you dramatically increase backup and recovery performance, regardless of the data type.

Powerful and Scalable Deduplication

View a short video demonstration about how Hitachi Protection Platform lets you control data growth while improving backup performance. Watch or download or iPad™

Remote Replication

See how you can have enterprise-class disaster recovery protection for your main data center and all your remote offices without loading tapes onto a truck.