Hitachi Device Manager

Unify and Simplify Storage Management

Hitachi Device Manager Software


Centralized Control of Virtualized Storage Resources

Hitachi Device Manager

Centralized control of virtualized storage resources

  • Reduce operational costs, drive administrative efficiencies, and improve productivity.
  • Tightly integrated, central management of global storage virtualization environments.
  • Manage one to many Hitachi storage systems from a single console that consolidates all basic storage management functions.

Control Your Storage Resources With Hitachi Device Manager

Managing complex storage environments can be a challenge. Integrated with Hitachi Command Suite, Hitachi Device Manager provides a common, graphical user interface (GUI) and command-line interface (CLI) to simplify administrative processes and operations across all Hitachi storage systems.

  • Increase productivity with a consolidated view of physical, logical and virtual storage, as well as host and virtual servers.
  • Align storage assets, pools and provisioning with business applications and entities by using logical group constructs and views.
  • All advanced Command Suite management applications and storage resource management capabilities are built upon Device Manager as the storage element manager foundation.

Learn How to Manage Storage Systems With a Unified View

Features and Benefits


  • Scales to manage millions of storage objects.
  • Centrally manages Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform family, Unified Storage VM, Unified Storage 100 series, and NAS Platform.
  • Unifies management across block, file and object data.
  • Configures and centrally manages virtual storage machines for rapid deployment.
  • Controls provisioning and pooling across storage tiers and virtualized storage assets.
  • Discovers and maps your infrastructure without host-based agents.
  • Uses role-based security and access.
  • Provides capacity analysis and reporting.
  • Includes intuitive graphical user interface and command-line interfaces.
  • Tightly integrates with Hitachi Command Suite and Hitachi replication products.


  • Lowers costs with consolidated, centralized storage management across Hitachi storage systems.
  • Saves time by managing more storage with fewer administrative tools.
  • Simplifies storage configuration management.
  • Mitigates risk with proactive alerts.
  • Increases productivity by centralizing and simplifying storage management tasks.
  • Aligns storage assets, pools, and provisioning with business applications and departments.