Basic Operating System

Simpler and More Cost-effective Storage Management

Hitachi Basic Operating System Software


Hitachi Basic Operating System Software

Integrated Management Tools

Integrated set of management tools for Hitachi storage

  • More efficient storage management
  • Better visibility and centralized control of all storage
  • Improved storage utilization

Management Tools for All Hitachi Storage Systems

Hitachi Basic Operating System (BOS) software packages give you integrated tools that simplify storage management. You can take full advantage of the partitioning and virtualization capabilities of Hitachi storage systems. They are ideal for simplifying enterprise storage management, either for a single Hitachi system or for larger installations comprised of heterogeneous storage systems. The BOS packages offer efficient hands-on management for more efficient utilization and control of your storage assets. The packages include interfaces to automate your storage management processes

Top Features and Benefits

  • On Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP), there are 2 Basic Operating System packages, BOS and BOS V. BOS V is now bundled and included with BOS.
    • BOS includes Hitachi Device Manager software: Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software, Hitachi Data Link Manager Advanced software (50 server license), Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager software (4 cache partitions), Hitachi Server Priority Manager software and low-level element manager and management utilities.
    • BOS V adds additional cache partitions (up to 32) and external virtualization with Universal Volume Manager (UVM).
  • On Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM), there are 3 Basic Operating System packages, BOS, BOS F Entry, BOS F Value and BOS F Ultra:
  • On Hitachi Unified Storage, there are 6 Base Operating System packages:
    • BOS M includes Hitachi Device Manager software: Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software, Hitachi In-System Replication software, the element manager Storage Navigator Modular 2, and management utilities.
    • BOS E is a lower priced alternative to BOS M and does not include Dynamic Provisioning or In-System Replication.
    • BOS F Entry, Value and Ultra bundles add Hitachi Unified Storage VM File Module management capabilities.
    • BOS Security Extension adds additional security and audit-related capabilities.
  • On Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V and Universal Storage Platform VM there are 2 Basic Operating System packages: BOS and BOS V.
    • BOS for USP and USP VM includes Hitachi Device Manager software: Hitachi Resource Manager utility, the element manager Storage Navigator and management utilities.
    • Basic Operating System V adds storage virtualization and increased storage partitions to 32.

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Features and Benefits

Improve Business Agility and Operations

  • Consolidates and rationalizes storage systems through virtualizing external storage into a single available pool.
  • Consolidates and rationalizes storage and storage management points, uses a single Device Manager server to manage all Hitachi storage, enables remote access using secure protocols.
  • Configures storage system for mixed Microsoft, UNIX, Linux, and IBM® mainframe environments to simplify administrative work and enable storage consolidation.
  • Improves IT productivity through consistent administrative operations across storage and operating systems and simplifies everything else, including SAN multipathing, data replication, migration and storage tiering.
  • Supports business continuity and disaster recovery by configuring Hitachi ShadowImage® Heterogeneous Replication software and Hitachi Universal Replicator remote replication software.
  • Integrates Hitachi storage with other management systems through VSS, VAAI, SNMP and CIM/SMI-S.

Align Storage Assets with Business Functions

  • Enables easy deployment of storage resources.
  • Offers an immediate view of all classes of available storage and current use, which it combines with an easy way to rapidly allocate more storage to improve storage utilization.
  • Defines logical groups for reporting and management, and uses group names that are meaningful to you.
  • Organizes, manages and reports on storage, based on applications, departments and storage classes.
  • Generates reports by host, storage system or logical group with HTML or CSV output.

Optimize Storage System Performance

  • Ensures storage service levels to individual servers or applications, and allows workload balancing and performance troubleshooting.
  • Enables monitoring and tuning in order to minimize unnecessary I/Os, logical device contention and operating system queuing.
  • Provides tunable performance per server via cache partitioning, and bandwidth reservation per port.

Achieve Operational Excellence through Automation and Risk Reduction

  • Automates repeated tasks via CLI requests to reduce administrative expense and risk of error from manual processes.
  • Provides risk reduction through centralized management of Hitachi storage system-based replication products.

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