Hitachi Management Software Products

Unified Management Aligns to Your Business

Efficiently and effectively align data and IT assets with business objectives and service levels.

Gain intelligence and automation with the ability to control, analyze, optimize and protect data holistically and strategically.

Use Hitachi Command Suite to manage your software-defined infrastructure and align your storage assets to business needs.

Platform OS: Storage Virtualization Operating System, Basic Operating System (BOS)

Unified Storage Management
Hitachi Management Products
  • Unify all data types.
  • Rapid, agile deployment.
  • Simplify management complexities.
  • Gain insight.
  • Improve performance and utilization.
  • Avoid problems.
  • Lower costs, improve ROI.
  • Gain efficiency.
  • Align resources and business applications.
  • Reduce risks.
  • Manage local and remote replication.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Meet service-level objectives.
  • Near real-time dashboards.
  • Manage from virtually anywhere.
  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Efficient storage provisioning workflows.
  • Improve administrator productivity.

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