Hitachi Data Discovery Suite

Big Data-Ready Search and E-Discovery Solution

Hitachi Data Discovery Suite


Hitachi Data Discovery Suite

Hitachi Data Discovery Suite

Cross-platform search and full content indexing

  • "One search" spans NAS, archive storage and Windows file servers.
  • Query production and archive environments from a single interface.
  • Proactively respond to audit and legal requests through searching "petabytes" of data in seconds.

Single User Interface Improves Productivity

Data Discovery Suite helps search, identify, collect, and preserve data across the storage infrastructure from 1 secure location for improved storage management. In addition, it helps you efficiently manage, retain and discover volumes of information and meet legal obligations. It allows end-users, from novices to experts, and IT staff to conduct:

  • Cross-platform search and retrieval across petabytes of mission-critical data.
  • Proactive e-discovery across billions of objects to meet corporate compliance.
  • Conduct custom search integration using industry-standard APIs

With Data Discovery Suite, you can search across multiple data silos from a single interface, authenticated against Microsoft® Active Directory® and LDAP.

Hitachi Data Discovery Suite makes it possible to index, search and discover across various sources of data such as Hitachi NAS, third-party NAS and Hitachi Content Platform. The Hitachi Data Discovery Suite solution enables easy-to-perform cross-platform searches of production and archive environments from a single interface.

Hitachi Data Discovery Suite helps organizations search, identify, collect, and preserve data across the storage infrastructure—all from 1 secure location, for improved storage management. The solution also helps organizations proactively manage, retain and discover volumes of information, to be litigation-ready.

  • Employ 1 search to improve productivity, with fast and easy enterprise-wide indexing and search for Hitachi storage and general NAS, including NetApp, Windows® and Linux file servers.
  • Go beyond simply accessing data and take action on search results.
  • Streamline e-discovery and compliance procedures with repeatable processes and audit logs.
  • Reduce the cost of e-discovery and litigation.

Features and Benefits


  • Exclusive search product for Hitachi Content Platform provides deep solution integration.
  • E-discovery search allows collection per custodian and export with a manifest for import into early case assessment or litigation tools.
  • Search across HNAS, HCP, NetApp, Microsoft Windows® and Linux file servers, all from one search interface.
  • Information discovery finds the right information at the right time, based on user need.
  • Highly efficient distributed indexing technology enables incremental index updates with minimal impact on production systems.
  • Initial investment can be small, as index nodes can be added as required.
  • Authenticated access supports Microsoft Active Directory® and LDAP.
  • Integrate HDDS search and indexing functionality to 3rd-party and custom applications by leveraging industry standard APIs.
  • Support for 3rd-party certificate from Certificate Authority.
  • Supports 454 formats and 56 languages.


  • Enables users to easily perform cross-platform search of production and archive environments from a single interface
  • Ensures proper data stewardship and promotes data privacy with directory service integration to let users search for data they have permission to view.
  • Reduces the cost of litigation and e-discovery with proactive indexing and information repurposing.
  • Discover enterprise dark data which can impact your organization


The Big 5 Benefits

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Hitachi Data Discovery Suite

Hitachi Data Discovery Suite is a powerful solution that improves searching, identifying, managing and retaining unstructured data and big data across entire environments. Watch | download the demo | iPad™.

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