All-Flash Storage

Transition Your IT Infrastructure to Flash

  • Move to an all-flash IT environment with enterprise-ready solutions that are as reliable as they are fast.
  • Answer application performance challenges with solutions optimized for flash.
  • Greatly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of flash storage.

Unleash the Power and Efficiency of Flash

Hitachi flash technology helps you dramatically improve the performance of business-critical applications by eliminating storage bottlenecks and consistently delivering sub-millisecond response. Designed specifically to meet the needs of business users, our software-defined flash solutions give you the building blocks you need to deploy the data center infrastructure that your business demands. Hitachi offers a range of flash solutions and services to accelerate tomorrow's IT infrastructure today.

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Learn More About Our Flash Solutions

  • See how we stack up competitively in the flash market. Watch our video.
  • Read Hu Yoshida's blog on what makes our flash technology superior.


Accelerated Flash Storage

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All-Flash Buyer’s Guide

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Flash Deployment Strategies

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