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The Hitachi TrueNorth Advisor Partner Program is a venue for partners to earn substantial consultative services income with minimum or no capital investment. Eligible partners for this program include:

  • IT technology-savvy solution consultants
  • IT planners
  • IT analysts
  • Experienced server application engineers
  • Retired storage systems resellers
  • Alliance Partners (ISV and Solution Providers)

The program has benefits whether you are just entering the storage solutions market or are developing a consulting services business. It is a simple and profitable path to work with one of the industry's most strategic and innovative manufacturers of storage solutions on the market.

This unique partner program will also help you grow and support your consulting with exclusive access to:

  • Advanced training options
  • State of the art solution guides
  • Accessible and simple business model

For additional program information see the Advisor Program Quick Brief.

A Hitachi TrueNorth Advisor Partner is an authorized Hitachi Data Systems consultancy that earns referral fees for each unique and approved opportunity it brings that later converts into a completed sale. A Hitachi TrueNorth Advisor Partner helps end user buyers make better-informed decisions for the most appropriate storage solution that best meets their needs. TrueNorth Advisor Partners provide consultative services and are not necessarily involved in the selling phase of the transaction.

To apply, please follow these 3 steps:

1: download, review and sign the Advisor Partner Agreement
2: please send this signed form to

Once you receive the countersigned TrueNorth Advisor Partner Agreement back from Hitachi Data Systems (please allow 2 weeks for processing), complete your TrueNorth Advisor Partner registration by filling out the form in the link below:

Choose "Applying For" and select "Unassigned" in the pulldown
For "Type" please select "Partner Advisor" in the pulldown
3: submit the registration Form below while using the information above.

TrueNorth Partner Advisor Access Registration

Current TrueNorth Advisor Partners

  • Dalet
  • Informatica
  • Stealth
  • Hitachi Consulting
  • Janalent
  • SkyVu International Enterprises LLC
  • Zalcore, Inc.