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Technology Partners provide technologies that complement products or integrate into solutions from Hitachi Data Systems. Together, Hitachi and Technology Partners offer options ranging from leading edge solutions to address specific problems, to robust management of entire IT infrastructures.

To provide a broad range of options to our customers, there are four categories of Technology Partners:

  • Global Alliance Partners: Industry leading software companies that are strategically aligned with HDS on a global basis. Together we bring best in class solutions to market and deliver joint value to our customers.

  • Strategic Alliance Partners: Strategic Alliance Partners actively engage in joint development, integration, co-marketing, and co-selling activities with Hitachi Data Systems. Solution alliance partners typically have multiple touch points with Hitachi Data Systems, including participation in multiple technology initiatives. At the highest level, solution alliance partners often either resell Hitachi Data System products or offer products that are resold by Hitachi Data Systems.

  • Technology Alliance Partners: Hitachi Data Systems and its partners have joined together in the marketplace to deliver storage solutions based on our combined capabilities to solve customer problems in performance, protection, and access to business-critical information assets. Our relationships with a broad range of partners foster the creation and delivery of integrated approaches that meet the high quality and reliability that customers have come to expect from Hitachi Data Systems.

    The Technology Alliance Program is designed to support partner members throughout the lifecycle of the partnership, from initial engagement to joint marketing, sales, and support. Technology Alliance Program is also designed to easily deepen or broaden the engagement when so desired by both Hitachi Data Systems and the partner.

    Click here to access the Technology Alliance Program partner guide.

  • Developer Partners: Developer partners use Hitachi and/or Hitachi Data Systems application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate their products with Hitachi products and to create unique solutions

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Technology Alliance
Hitachi Content Platform

The Hitachi Content Platform is a robust “active archive” that enables effective long-term, fixed-content data preservation for organizations of all sizes. Designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing enterprise storage infrastructure, the high-performance, high availability, highly scalable archiving solution satisfies regulatory compliance requirements by ensuring the secure, long term preservation and fast search and retrieval of valuable business records.

We work with the best companies in the technology marketplace today to solve your unique business needs - no matter what geographic region in which your company is located.

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Hitachi Data Systems works with the best companies in the technology marketplace today to solve your unique business needs—no matter where you are located.

Hitachi NAS Platform

Hitachi NAS Platform, powered by BlueArc®, is an advanced and integrated network attached storage (NAS) solution that Hitachi Data Systems co-brands with BlueArc. It is a powerful solution for NAS or file server consolidation, data protection and general purpose NAS workload.

Find the right partner
Hitachi Data Systems works with the best companies in the technology marketplace today to solve your unique business needs—no matter where you are located

Data Networking
Hitachi Data Discovery Suite
Hitachi Data Ingester

Hitachi Data IngestorHitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) is a dedicated on-ramp optimized for Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). HDI is offered in 2 deployment options to support either local or remote HCP access. HDI may be deployed within the HCP rack as an integrated package, or separately as a standalone solution. HDI offers a 2-node cluster with external storage, a single-node with internal storage, and a software-only configuration running on VMware vSphere Hypervisor. In all configurations, HDI acts as a tiering solution, moving its resident files to HCP and providing links to those files for on-demand recall.

All Technology Alliance Partners

Developer partners – Hitachi Data Systems
Developer partners typically use Hitachi and/or Hitachi Data Systems APIs to integrate their products into our products or to create unique solutions. A wide range of APIs enables partners to integrate their products and solutions at multiple levels — from the network down to the block level. Developer partners also execute interoperability testing to deliver a better user experience. This gives you greater confidence when you deploy formal or in-house partner solutions.