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  • Our broad range of Alliance Partners includes 4 categories: Global, Strategic, Technology, and Software Developer
  • Alliance Partners offer complementary products or integration into solutions based on Hitachi Data Systems technology and services.
  • Expect industry and vertical market solutions with robust management of entire IT infrastructures through us and our Alliance Partners.

Technology Alliance Program

With a framework for engagement, this program enables the best joint solutions using Hitachi technologies. It also offers united engagement globally in technology, marketing, and go-to-market strategies. Learn More About Technology Alliance Program

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Joint Solutions We Are Featuring

All-StartCertified, complete and available.
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Global Alliance Partners are industry leading software companies that are strategically aligned with HDS on a global basis. Collaboration includes technical, marketing and sales. Together we bring best-in-class solutions to market and deliver joint value to our customers.


Strategic Alliance Partners actively engage with Hitachi Data Systems in a wide range of areas. Strategic Alliance Partners typically have many touch points with Hitachi Data Systems, including participation in multiple technology initiatives. At the highest level, Strategic Alliance Partners often either resell Hitachi Data Systems products or offer products that are resold by Hitachi Data Systems.


Technology Alliance partners integrate and certify their applications with Hitachi Data Systems. Together we meet in the market to deliver industry-wide and vertical solutions based on our combined capabilities to solve customer problems in performance, protection, and access to business-critical information assets.

Technology Alliance Program

Technology Alliance Program Resell

Technology Alliance Program Resell – These partners have their products resold by HDS direct sales and indirect channel partners.

Technology Alliance Program Advisor

Technology Alliance Program Advisor – These partners act in a consultative manner and earn referral fees for each unique and approved opportunity that later converts into a completed sale.

Technology Alliance Program Cloud

Technology Alliance Program Cloud – These partners participate in one or several of Hitachi cloud solutions including private cloud, public and hybrid cloud options delivered by HDS or its partners.


All-Star Partners of Hitachi Data Systems offer joint solutions that we are featuring. Their solutions are certified, complete, online and available. These partners are part of the larger ecosystem of Hitachi Technology Alliance Program Partners.

Software Developer

Software Developer Partners are HDS partners and customers who want to create or enhance their integration with Hitachi Data Systems SAN Storage technology.

By Solution
Data Protection
File Management
Remote Office/WAN Optimization
Life Sciences
Oil and Gas
Media and Entertainment
By Product
File and Content

See Hitachi Data Systems solutions for file and content.

Hitachi Content Platform

Hitachi Content Platform - Hitachi Content Platform is a robust, active archive that enables effective long-term, fixed-content data preservation for organizations of all sizes. Designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing enterprise storage infrastructure, the high-performance, high availability, highly scalable archiving solution satisfies regulatory compliance requirements by ensuring the secure, long-term preservation, and fast search and retrieval of valuable business records.

Hitachi Network Attached Storage

Hitachi Network Attached Storage - Hitachi NAS Platform is an advanced and integrated network attached storage (NAS) solution. It is a powerful solution for NAS or file server consolidation, data protection and general purpose NAS workload.

Hitachi Network Attached Storage F
Hitachi Data Ingestor

Hitachi Data Ingestor - Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) is a dedicated on-ramp optimized for Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). HDI is offered in 2 deployment options to support either local or remote HCP access. HDI may be deployed within the HCP rack as an integrated package, or separately as a standalone solution. HDI offers a 2-node cluster with external storage, a single-node with internal storage, and a software-only configuration running on VMware vSphere Hypervisor. In all configurations, HDI acts as a tiering solution, moving its resident files to HCP and providing links to those files for on-demand recall.

Hitachi Data Discovery Suite

Data Discovery Suite helps search, identify, collect, and preserve data across the storage infrastructure from 1 secure location for improved storage management. In addition, it helps you efficiently manage, retain and discover volumes of information and meet legal obligations.


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ISV Compatibility Guide

See the integration and interoperability of 3rd-party ISV applications that are compatible with Hitachi Content Platform and Hitachi Data Ingestor. View the Guide.