Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series


Delivers advanced, active flash tiering that analyzes data streams in real time and moves data from disk to flash to meet demanding performance SLAs with a cost-effective mix of flash and disk

Accelerate Business and Improve Your Customers’ Experience


  • Multi-workloads and storage virtualization simplify and support consolidation
  • Adaptive data reduction services minimize storage footprint
  • Our 100% data-availability* guarantee delivers peace of mind

*Hitachi Data Systems Data Availability Warranty (for VSP G series) is offered subject to applicable terms and conditions. Contact for additional information.

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    Executives evaluate software-defined infrastructure for data growth and complexity.

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As smartphone technology advances, so must our storage systems. With a truly innovative technology partner like HDS, we know we are in good hands.

– Barna Bakó, Head of Data & OS Center at Magyar Telekom

Seamless Transition to a Modern, All-Flash Infrastructure


  • Consolidate and simplify IT by virtualizing all storage under a single view
  • Adaptive data reduction services enable savings of 5:1 or greater
  • QoS controls for consistent application performance and latency spike prevention
  • Gartner Recognizes VSP G Series Again

    Four times in a row, Hitachi Data Systems is a leader in the Magic Quadrant for general disk arrays.

    Read the Gartner Report


Improve Resource Utilization, Minimize IT Operational Costs

Unified Storage, Global Storage Virtualization
Consolidate resources in a single storage pool to improve utilization and enable nondisruptive data migration.
Simple, Powerful Management
Intuitive interface and recommended configuration reduce time for task provisioning and diagnostic operations.

Optimize Data Center Efficiency

Increase Effective Capacity for a Higher Return On Investment

Advanced Data Reduction
Adaptive SVOS deduplication and compression, and FMD inline, hardware-accelerated compression deliver 5:1 or greater capacity savings.
Migrate Data to the Cloud
Minimize your ongoing storage and data center costs by migrating files to cloud automatically, based on policies.
Create Linked Snapshots
Create thin copies of data sets to reduce DevOp and business analysis storage costs up to 97%.


Configure and Deliver Resources in a Fraction of the Time

Advanced Storage Automation
Rapidly provision and deliver all-flash resources based on customer or application-specific requirements.
Simplified Data Protection
Eliminate complexity and potential human error with whiteboard-style, drag-and-deliver data protection.
Optimized Virtual Server Infrastructure
Hitachi plugins and adapters enhance virtual server infrastructure performance and administrator productivity.


Transform With Flash Storage
See how customers consolidate data, reduce costs, manage growth and increase service levels with Hitachi flash solutions.
Optimize Flash Storage Performance
Learn how our SVOS software engine prevents downtime and more.


Hitachi VSP Family Overview
See how to run applications at peak performance, simplify for greater IT efficiency and eliminate risks.
Virtual Storage Platform G Series
Get the ultimate in enterprise storage technology in your choice of midrange to high-end and mainframe systems.


VVols and Storage From Hitachi
Product overview shows how to automate Hitachi storage operations with VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes.
Accelerated Flash: Innovative Solid-State Storage
Answer demands for high performance and predictable sub-millisecond response times.
HARDWARE: Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000, Hitachi Accelerated Flash
Since actual operations began, there has not been any major incidents, and in addition to the storage products, we have recognized Hitachi had advanced system integration techniques.
– Yukio Koguchi, General Manager, System Division, Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series

VSP G200
270,000 IOPS, 7GB/s
VSP G400
600,000 IOPS, 11GB/s
VSP G600
800,000 IOPS, 12GB/s
VSP G800
1,400,000 IOPS, 24GB/s
VSP G1500
4,800,000 IOPS, 48GB/s
Max Capacity (Raw)
VSP G200
VSP G400
VSP G600
VSP G800
VSP G1500
VSP G200
VSP G400
VSP G600
VSP G800
VSP G1500
Controller Size
VSP G200
VSP G400
VSP G600
VSP G800
VSP G1500
Value Added Features
VSP G200
Inline Compression
Adaptive Data
VSP G400
100% Data Availability
Inline Compression
Adaptive Data Reduction
Unified SAN / NAS Support
VSP G600
100% Data Availability
Inline Compression
Adaptive Data Reduction
Unified SAN / NAS Support
VSP G800
100% Data Availability
Inline Compression
Adaptive Data Reduction
Unified SAN / NAS Support
VSP G1500
100% Data Availability
Inline Compression
Adaptive Data Reduction
Unified SAN / NAS Support
Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS)

SVOS offers system management and advanced storage system functions, including storage virtualization, thin provisioning, storage service-level controls and performance instrumentation across multiple storage platforms.

SVOS includes Hitachi Storage Advisor, Hitachi Device Manager, Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, Hitachi Universal Volume Manager, Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager, Hitachi Resource Partition Manager, Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced, Hitachi Data Retention Utility, performance monitor feature, volume shredder feature, Virtual LUN software, LUN manager, VLVI (CVS), Hitachi Server Priority Manager, Hitachi Volume Retention, cache residency manager feature, Hitachi Storage Navigator, RAIDCOM, Java API, CCI (Command Control Interface), SMI-S provider and SNMP agent.

Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) for NAS

SVOS for NAS is specifically designed for the Hitachi VSP G400/G600/G800 storage platforms with embedded NAS modules, for NFS, SMB and iSCSI protocols. SVOS for NAS includes native file deduplication, snapshots, two enterprise virtual NAS server licenses, NDMP, virtual server security, WORM, anti-virus, read caching and a tiered file system for efficient unified storage management.

Hitachi NAS System Software

Comprehensive enterprise-class network attached storage software solution provides advanced data management, continuous availability, primary storage deduplication and multilayered data protection.

Hitachi Performance Analytics

Infrastructure performance analytics solution, including Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor and Hitachi Data Center Analytics, for service level management, performance analytics, storage performance management and integrated troubleshooting to optimize Hitachi and multivendor storage environments.

Hitachi Data Mobility

Complete data movement ecosystem combines the automated capabilities of Hitachi Dynamic Tiering, featuring active flash, and Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager software. This duo improves performance and drives intelligent data placement, nondisruptive data migrations and optimization within Hitachi virtualized storage environments.

Hitachi Data Mobility for NAS

Includes Data Migrator to the Cloud and External Volume Link, which enables data migration between Hitachi NAS and third-party external storage.

Hitachi Automation Director (HAD)

Automation Director provides storage infrastructure self-service with automated and customized storage provisioning workflows for key business applications that incorporate established best practices. Through a predefined services catalog and infrastructure abstraction, HAD facilitates automated provisioning for unified storage environments to improve reliability and accelerate the deployment of new storage services.

Hitachi Command Suite (HCS)

This unified management framework for all Hitachi storage systems consists of an integrated suite of products. HCS improves administration, operations, data mobility, performance monitoring, resilience and automation for Hitachi virtualized storage environments.

Global-active device

This separately licensed Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System feature enables active-active clustering between Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform systems and delivers continuous storage with a zero recovery point objective (RTO). It simplifies both distributed system design and operations.

Hitachi Storage Advisor (HSA)

Centralized system management for the the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G and F series storage systems that minimizes technology exposure, streamlines storage service-level administration, and simplifies storage management operations.

Hitachi Storage Viewer, powered by APTARE

This family of heterogeneous storage and backup reporting products using agentless technology provides comprehensive reporting for storage capacity, virtual servers, SAN fabrics, file analytics and backup systems.

Hitachi Local Replication

This solution delivers convenient and cost-effective local point-in-time data copies using storage-based, space-efficient snapshots and full-volume clones. It generates copies faster and more frequently than host-based solutions, with no impact on production applications. This software bundle includes Hitachi Thin Image Snapshot, Hitachi ShadowImage Replication and Hitachi Replication Manager software.

Hitachi Local Replication for NAS

Enables file system recovery from snapshots, as well as efficient file clones without the requirement of additional storage.

Hitachi Remote Replication

Highly flexible remote replication solution enables disaster recovery and business continuity spanning up to 3 data centers. It uses a combination of synchronous and asynchronous replication plus advanced journaling and delta synchronization to minimize data loss. The software bundle includes Hitachi TrueCopy Remote Replication, Hitachi Universal Replicator and Hitachi Replication Manager software.

Hitachi Remote Replication for NAS

Disaster recovery replication that uses an intelligent object-based file system architecture to achieve high-speed replication.

Cloud Tiering to Amazon and Microsoft® Cloud Services

Manage all your confidential data onsite and automatically tier your less-used files to Hitachi Content Platform, Hitachi Managed Cloud Services, Amazon S3 and/or Microsoft Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure™. The data migrator to cloud feature is a policy-driven Hitachi NAS software product. It allows "set it and forget it" tiering capabilities that free up critical on-site Tier 1 storage for your key applications.

Data-at-rest encryption

This feature provides encryption of data at rest for internal storage to protect sensitive information.

Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID)

HDID offers business-defined data protection for organizations looking to modernize, simplify and unify their operational recovery, disaster recovery and long-term retention operations. It combines orchestration of storage-based local and remote replication with host-based backup, continuous data protection and archiving in a unique, easy-to-use, whiteboard-like user interface.

Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS), powered by Commvault

HDPS tightly integrates a blend of snapshot, replication and persistent copies that are application-aware, secure, deduplicated, managed and assessable through a single, unified product suite. This approach results in an easy, automated and low-cost data management solution, which can be employed in a fraction of the time, effort and money required by separate point products.

Hitachi Enterprise Virtual Server for NAS

Enables independent support of 64 enterprise virtual servers (EVSs).

Hitachi NAS File Clone

NAS File Clone enables the creation of snapshots or writeable clones of files. It provides point-in-time snapshots of single files or entire file systems to be used for local data protection.

Hitachi NAS Replication

High-speed replication of files and objects through NAS Replication automates system failover and failback with object-based replication for disaster recovery at scale.

Hitachi NAS: universal migration director feature

Easily migrate your legacy third-party NFS storage or files over to Hitachi NAS with universal migration director feature. This graphical user interface or GUI-based tool makes it simple to migrate your existing storage over to Hitachi NAS. It's as easy as discover, set up and migrate. It's all online and nondisruptive to users.

Hitachi Protection Platform

Hitachi Protection Platform leverages Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G series storage to efficiently protect your corporate data. Enterprises become better able to manage the exponential growth of new data through reduction or elimination of duplicate data in their backups.

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Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System

Provides advanced storage management and faster data access with patented flash optimization, service-level controls and data reduction technologies.

Storage Management

Centralized, integrated data management easily aligns storage to the changing needs of your business applications.

Hitachi NAS Platform

Delivers file sharing, file server consolidation and application storage for Oracle, Microsoft® and virtual environments.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F Series

Our 100% data-availability guarantee and robust data management help you tackle complicated business challenges and eliminate risk of costly outages.