Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System

Storage Advisor
Easy-to-use storage manager simplifies storage administration
Device Manager
Core of the Hitachi Comand Suite, Device Manager provides single-point management for all Hitachi physical and virtualized storage, and is the interface for integration with other Command Suite software.
Dynamic Provisioning
Dynamic Provisioning provides thin provisioning for simplified provisioning operations, automatic performance optimization, and storage space savings.
Global Storage Virtualization Capability
Global storage virtualization capability enables active-active clustering environment spanning multiple matched VSP family storage systems.*
Universal Volume Manager
Universal Volume Manager enables virtualization of external heterogeneous storage.
Resource Partition Manager
Resource Partition Manager supports secure administrative partitions for multitenancy requirements.
Cache Partition Manager
Cache partition manager feature supports up to 32 cache partitions.
Dynamic Link Manager Advanced
Dynamic Link Manager Advanced provides advanced SAN multipathing with centralized management.
Performance Monitor
Performance monitor feature provides an intuitive, graphical interface to assist with performance configuration planning, workload balancing, and analyzing and optimizing storage system performance.
Storage System-Based Utilities
Storage system-based utilities include LUN manager, virtual LVI (customized volume size), Data Retention Utility, cache residency manager feature, Server Priority Manager, audit log, command control interface (CCI), RAIDCOM, and volume shredder feature.
Standard Management Interface Support
Standard management interface support including SMI-S provider, SNMP agent and REST.

*Supported externally attached storage systems.