Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System

Future-Proof Your Data Center Now

Build a strong foundation for global storage virtualization with availability, automation and agility

Pave the Way to Greater Productivity


  • Virtualized software-defined storage lets you swiftly deploy enabling technologies 
  • Continuous availability delivers anytime, anywhere access for business-critical information
  • Self-balancing automated performance and capacity features optimize utilization and reduce IT overhead
  • Software

    Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System

    Virtualization, service-level controls and reporting across multiple storage platforms.


Solve Complex Storage Challenges


  • Maximize storage utilization and capabilities by virtualizing internal and external storage
  • Reduce operations overhead and risk by automating key data-management functions
  • Integrate with existing storage environments by relying on standards compatibility
  • Innovate

    Economic Benefits of Storage Virtualization

    Learn how easy it is to access all of your resources – Hitachi and non-Hitachi – in a unified pool.


Virtualization and Mobility

Continuous Operations With Fault-Tolerant Virtualized Storage

Provide a Platform for Global Virtualization and Software-Defined Storage
Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) provides a virtual storage environment that spans local and remote physical storage systems.
Extend Virtualization to External Storage Systems

Give older external storage a new lease on life with SVOS capabilities, such as thin provisioning, replication and advanced server environment support.
Move Data to the Best Storage, Automatically

Hitachi Dynamic Tiering virtualizes and automates mobility between tiers for maximum performance and efficiency.

Configuration and Control

Simple, Consistent, Administration Across Storage Systems Enables Secure Access From Anywhere

Manage Storage From a Business Perspective
Creates logical storage views not tied to physical assets, forming a storage architecture that meets service levels for a variety of business applications.
Deliver Secure Multitenancy
Supports secure multitenancy, resource partitions and enterprise authentication integration to consolidate storage without compromising data security.

Capacity and Performance

Automate Efficient Storage Capacity and Performance

Adjust to Changing Business Conditions
Self-adjusts and optimizes to changing performance and capacity requirements to meet business demands.
Reduce Administrator Workload

Advanced data dispersion technologies and dynamic load balancing optimize performance and eliminate the need for administrators to micromanage the storage system.
Optimize Block and File Storage

Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning allows block and file storage environments to use internal and virtualized storage more efficiently.

Flash Optimization

Flash Acceleration Drives Faster Information Access and Business Decisions and Improves Customer Satisfaction

Architected for Flash to Remove Performance Limits
Non-blocking highly parallel architecture and flash-optimized data paths remove bottlenecks, minimize copies and speed performance.
Supports All-Flash or Hybrid Architectures
Hitachi Dynamic Tiering provides advanced policy-based automated tiering at real-time speeds.


Build an Always-On infrastructure
Build an Always-On infrastructure

Use these nine steps to build an always-on infrastructure to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving business landscape.
SVOS Global-Active Device
SVOS Global-Active Device

See how Continuous Cloud Infrastructure solutions are required to meet today’s IT challenges.


SVOS for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Family
SVOS for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Family
Virtualize, simplify operations, improve efficiencies and reduce cost.

Global-Active Device
Global-Active Device

Get continuous operation and availability for key applications.


Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000: 3D Model
Drive an interactive 3D tour, from the outside in, to view the components of the VSP G1000.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Family: Security Overview
Learn about the necessary components to address data security and regulatory needs.


Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System

Storage Advisor
Easy-to-use storage manager simplifies storage administration
Device Manager
Core of the Hitachi Comand Suite, Device Manager provides single-point management for all Hitachi physical and virtualized storage, and is the interface for integration with other Command Suite software.
Dynamic Provisioning
Dynamic Provisioning provides thin provisioning for simplified provisioning operations, automatic performance optimization, and storage space savings.
Global Storage Virtualization Capability
Global storage virtualization capability enables active-active clustering environment spanning multiple matched VSP family storage systems.*
Universal Volume Manager
Universal Volume Manager enables virtualization of external heterogeneous storage.

*Supported externally attached storage systems.

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Achieving the Dream – One Operating System for Midrange to Enterprise Storage

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Accelerated Flash performance with Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System

One criticism we hear about the VSP family is that it isn’t ‘designed from the ground up for flash’.   Which is odd when said about a system that at the high end is capable of producing over 4M IOPS sustained performance...


Global-Active Device

Adds active-active volume support to SVOS for efficient, simple, continuous data protection.

Data Mobility

Dynamic tiering and tiered storage manager software for intelligent data placement, nondisruptive data migrations and automated dynamic tiering.