Financial Services

Building the Bridge from Legacy Tech to Modern FinTech

On the road to IT transformation, Hitachi helps financial service providers maximize and modernize their IT environments today, while launching new technologies to redefine customer experiences and to meet demanding compliance requirements.

Hitachi Delivers the Technology and Expertise to Bring the Present Into the Future Without Risk


  • As a transformation leader at the forefront of reimagining financial services technology, Hitachi has more FinTech patents than any other technology company
  • Hitachi is pioneering blockchain technology that could reshape the financial industry, including a new distributed ledger system created with the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
  • 44 of the top 50 global banks trust Hitachi's expertise to manage their complex enterprise data
  • Data Holds the Key to Realizing True Transformation

    Learn how to manage, govern, and analyze by turning financial data into insights and solutions.


The bank has always been a strong advocate on the importance of IT resources and has invested and continues to invest in them. This is because we believe that access to multichannel services is essential to providing an excellent customer experience.

– Giuseppe Alibrandi, Chief Technology Officer, Banca Popolare di Milano

Leverage Data Integration and Analytics to Deliver Compelling, Personalized Customer Experiences


To deliver compelling and personalized customer experiences, drive down operational costs, reduce churn and help drive new revenue streams, banks need a "single view of the customer." Pentaho offers the data blending,  analytics and visualization tools to achieve a 360° view and improve business outcomes.

Compliance Demands Fast, Accurate Data Access and Insight


Risk and compliance officers need quicker access to data and a faster way to interpret that data. By moving from manual to digital compliance processes, Hitachi helps financial institutions take advantage of new data integration, ingestion and analytics technologies to more effectively and efficiently solve investigations, fraud, regulatory and compliance requirements.

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