Global-Active Device

Shift to Active-Active Clusters

Depend on the global-active device feature of Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) to ensure continuous, simplified operations in distributed environments

Don’t Live With Interruption,
Prevent It


  • Efficient and scalable active-active design gives you continuous application availability for both traditional and cloud storage
  • Simplifying and improving disaster recovery operations can dramatically reduce return-to-operations time
  • Works seamlessly with other advanced capabilities of Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System to provide more value for your investment
  • Continuous Operation and Availability for Key Applications

    Continuous Operation and Availability for Key Applications

    Achieve nonstop data access with a global-active device.

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With global-active device, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G systems provide native storage virtualization, stretched active-active clustering coupled with hypervisor and application integration. Altogether, these features enable transparent application failover and application migration capabilities that until now have only been available using a complex set of products.

– Russ Fellows, The Evaluator Group

Go Active-Active When Full-Time Data Protection and Availability Are Vital


  • Rely on continuous data protection, even during failovers and migrations, with host-transparent storage-site failover that requires no reconfiguration
  • Automatically protect new global-active device volumes provisioned from a virtual storage machine
  • Meet strict service-level agreements for zero or near-zero recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs)
  • Available Three-Site Disaster Recovery Reduces Risk

    Available Three-Site Disaster Recovery Reduces Risk

    Learn how to implement a cost-effective three-site disaster recovery architecture.

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Protect Against Disruption of Critical Applications

Deliver Available, Scalable Infrastructure Across One or Many Data Centers

Migration Without Application Interruption
Read/write copies of the same data in two places at the same time, with immediate data availability at a second site with data mirroring capability.
Simplify Data and Workload Migrations
Active-active stretched clusters over local and metro distances allow application access to replicated data from the shortest path, for the highest performance.
Avoid Manual Failovers
With global-active device, when a failure happens at one site, data remains transparent at the second site where an active copy of all data resides.

Data Protection Doesn’t Have to Cause Headaches

Manage and Protect Your Data at Less Cost

One Pane of Glass is All You Need
A single management console makes it easy to provide consistent management across heterogeneous, virtualized systems.
Simplify Management in Distributed Environments
Implement and manage application failover in complex, distributed environments in less time with more reliability and at lower operations management cost.
Multiply Your Investment Value
Global-active device works seamlessly with other advanced capabilities of SVOS such as flash optimization, Dynamic Provisioning, Dynamic Tiering, and local and distance replication.


Meet Increasing Availability Needs
Learn how Hitachi Data systems can help provide continuous infrastructure solutions to meet today’s IT challenges.


Review: Global-Active Device
ESG Lab Review includes testing, analysis of the Hitachi VSP family global-active device and Hitachi Command Suite software.


vSphere on Hitachi VSP G series
Learn to deploy VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster using global-active device.
HARDWARE: Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G800, Hitachi Accelerated Flash
SOFTWARE: Hitachi Command Suite, Hitachi Performance Analytics, Hitachi SVOS with global-active device
With HDS solutions, we know that systems will always be available around the clock. Not only does this enable us to meet tough SLAs and keep customers happy, but it also frees up time so that we can focus more time and energy on developing innovative new digital services.
– Helmut Stark, Storage Systems Leader, DATEV


Global-Active Device

Support Specifications
Global-Active Device Management
Hitachi Command Suite v8.0.1 or later
Max. Number of Values (Creatable Pairs)
Max. Pool Capacity
Max. Volume Capacity
46MB to 59.9TB
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