Data Protection

Is Your Backup Broken?


Eliminate point solutions and reduce costs, complexity and risk in your digital enterprise

Old-School Data Protection Disrupted


Orchestrate backup, business continuity and disaster recovery – on your terms – with business-defined workflows

  • More Frequent Backups

    Tame today’s massive data storage and always-on critical applications with backups in minutes – and no business interruption.

  • Faster Restore

    Get the right levels of resiliency and speed for your disaster recovery and business continuity needs.

  • Modern Data Protection

    Eliminate the high costs, complexity and risk of point products with a flexible, scalable solution to protect all your data.

Protect your enterprise data with built-in replication and recovery capabilities that keep the lights on

It’s time you made the rules

Choose the right disaster recovery solutions based on your business requirements

Business Continuity Solutions for Multiple Data Centers

  • Eliminate the risk of point solutions with a resilient, comprehensive disaster recovery solution
  • Ensure zero risk of data loss after regional disasters with a three-data-center approach to business continuity
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Global-Active Device

  • Active-active storage clusters simplify your recovery challenges with a single, unified platform
  • Ensure continuous data availability in a distributed environment with the global-active device feature of Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS)
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Hitachi Data Instance Director

  • Simplify all your recovery challenges from a single unified platform with a unique whiteboard-like interface
  • Automate and orchestrate local and remote replication in a single policy-based workflow
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Remote Replication

  • Comprehensive recovery strategies that include zero data loss, without disruption to production systems
  • Protect all your critical and noncritical enterprise data, from up-to-the-second mirroring to comprehensive multisite coverage
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Adopt Anywhere, Anytime Data Protection With End-Point Backup

Adopt a worry-free solution that prevents data loss and ensures no full inboxes.

Make the Most of Your Data Protection Investment – In One Place

From backup assessment to management, count on our comprehensive services.

Secure Remote Offices With Backup-Free Data Protection

Shift to a solution that improves productivity, and reduces costs, risk and complexity.

Don’t Leave Your Data Behind: Top Data Protection Tips

Maximize your data protection investment and focus on innovation instead.