Data Protection

Is Your Backup Broken?


Eliminate point solutions and reduce costs, complexity and risk in your digital enterprise

Old-School Data Protection Disrupted


Orchestrate backup, business continuity and disaster recovery – on your terms – with business-defined workflows

  • More Frequent Backups

    Tame today’s massive data storage and always-on critical applications with backups in minutes – and no business interruption.

  • Faster Restore

    Get the right levels of resiliency and speed for your disaster recovery and business continuity needs.

  • Modern Data Protection

    Eliminate the high costs, complexity and risk of point products with a flexible, scalable solution to protect all your data.

Protect your enterprise data with built-in replication and recovery capabilities that keep the lights on

It’s time you made the rules

Choose the right disaster recovery solutions based on your business requirements

Remote Replication

  • Comprehensive recovery strategies that include zero data loss, without disruption to production systems
  • Protect all your critical and noncritical enterprise data, from up-to-the-second mirroring to comprehensive multisite coverage
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Global-Active Device

  • Active-active storage clusters simplify your recovery challenges with a single, unified platform
  • Ensure continuous data availability in a distributed environment with the global-active device feature of Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS)
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Business Continuity Solutions for Multiple Data Centers

  • Eliminate the risk of point solutions with a resilient, comprehensive disaster recovery solution
  • Ensure zero risk of data loss after regional disasters with a three-data-center approach to business continuity
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Hitachi Data Instance Director

  • Simplify all your recovery challenges from a single unified platform with a unique whiteboard-like interface
  • Automate and orchestrate local and remote replication in a single policy-based workflow
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Adopt Anywhere, Anytime Data Protection With End-Point Backup

Adopt a worry-free solution that prevents data loss and ensures no full inboxes.

Make the Most of Your Data Protection Investment – In One Place

From backup assessment to management, count on our comprehensive services.

Secure Remote Offices With Backup-Free Data Protection

Shift to a solution that improves productivity, and reduces costs, risk and complexity.

Don’t Leave Your Data Behind: Top Data Protection Tips

Maximize your data protection investment and focus on innovation instead.