Converged Infrastructure

Transformative. Economical. Open.


Take on the challenge of modern IT infrastructure with our converged systems. Accelerate digital transformation with the agility to meet daily demands as you ready your enterprise for the future.

Change, Innovate, and Thrive With Converged Systems


Transforming your infrastructure is more than an IT fix. With a reliable partner, your journey to the digital economy is simpler and easier.

  • Save time

    Provision faster, reduce downtime and accelerate time to market.

  • Save money

    Reduce IT infrastructure costs and increase staff productivity.

  • Better business outcomes

    Respond faster to changing requirements and seize new opportunities.

Simplify operations, reduce risk and quickly respond to business needs with an integrated orchestration and automation approach

Accelerate digital transformation with a new approach to IT automation

451 Research shares insights on digital business IT requirements to simplify operations, reduce risk and costs. Learn how Hitachi Management Automation Strategy leads the way.

Hitachi Cloud Automation Suite

  • Transform and modernize your data center to deliver the best ROI on your cloud investment
  • Rely on a proven solution for complete virtualization and better data security in an open environment
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IT Automation

  • Reach new levels of management automation, improve IT productivity and increase service level objectives
  • Deploy new technologies and services to market faster and with lower costs
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Converged Management Software

  • Build unified, intelligent, converged infrastructure management and take advantage of programmatic capabilities
  • Reduce converged infrastructure administration and troubleshooting costs with tightly integrated system orchestration
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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform With Kubernetes Orchestration

  • Automate, build and deploy your applications fast with a reliable, centralized solution
  • Increase your competitive advantage with built-in security and scalability for changing market demands
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Solutions for Your Challenges

Securely Move From Siloed IT to a Dynamic Private Cloud

See how easy it can be to modernize and meet complex requirements.

Don’t Replace Your SAP HANA Investment, Scale It

Get fast SAP HANA scalability ready for growth – without wasted resources and costs.

Test Before You Buy

Learn how you can optimize your current system before investing in new technology with our Database Infrastructure Evaluation Tool.

IDC Study Highlights Positive Impact of UCP on Cost, Operations and Economic Value

Learn how Hitachi customers gained significant improvements in their IT enterprise with our converged systems.