Converged Infrastructure

Efficient, Reliable and Agile

Yes, We’re Talking About You

Rise to the challenge of a changing business landscape by modernizing your IT infrastructure. HDS converged infrastructure supports your private or hybrid cloud environment with the agility to meet day-to-day demands while ensuring that you are ready for the future.

Single Solution, Multiple Benefits

Gain Time and Save Money When You Integrate Systems

Modernizing your infrastructure is more than an IT fix. With a reliable partner, your path to succeed in the digital economy is much easier.

  • Save time

    Reduce downtime, accelerate time to market.

  • Save money

    Scalable, flexible system allows you to invest in what matters.

  • Informed business outcomes

    Cloud-like agility allows you to drive what’s next in your industry.

Promote Agility and Boost Resource Utilization by Running Your Cloud Environment on a Converged Infrastructure

Power Up Your Data Centers

  • Modernize your enterprise and be ready for private, public or hybrid clouds by taking advantage of converged solutions.
  • Deliver operational efficiency in your virtual and cloud applications by adopting advanced automation.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for VMware vSphere

  • Improve organizational agility by quickly deploying new applications and services that respond to changes in business needs
  • Reduce IT management cost and complexity with coordinated, comprehensive provisioning and administration of virtualized and private cloud environments
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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Microsoft® Private Cloud

  • Start small and grow your private cloud quickly and easily, as needed
  • Simplify management of resources, and improve infrastructure monitoring and alerting, with integration into Microsoft Hyper-V®
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Solutions for Your Challenges

Securely Move From Siloed IT to a Dynamic Private Cloud

See how easy it can be to modernize and meet complex requirements.

Test Before You Buy

Learn how you can optimize your current system before investing in new technology with our Database Infrastructure Evaluation Tool.

Don’t Replace Your SAP HANA Investment, Scale It

Get fast SAP HANA scalability ready for growth – without wasted resources and costs.