Converged Infrastructure

Transformative. Economical. Open.


Take on the challenge of the modern IT infrastructure with our converged systems. You will accelerate your digital transformation with the agility to meet daily demands as you prime your enterprise for the future.

Change, Innovate, and Thrive With Converged Systems


Transforming your infrastructure is more than an IT fix. With a reliable partner, your path to success in the digital economy is much easier.

  • Save time

    Reduce downtime, accelerate time to market.

  • Save money

    Scalable, flexible system allows you to invest in what matters.

  • Inform business outcomes

    Cloudlike agility allows you to drive what’s next in your industry.

Drive business results with optimized applications running on converged infrastructure

Put your database on a DIET

Stop Oracle database problems and save money, too.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Oracle Database

  • Take advantage of Hitachi’s 20 years of success with business-critical Oracle delivery to support your growing database needs
  • An optimized Oracle converged infrastructure means lower cost of ownership, and improved performance and system availability
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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Microsoft® SQL Server®

  • Secure your data the right way with Hitachi’s 99.999% availability and 100% data guarantee
  • Simplify administration and lower costs by consolidating Microsoft SQL Server databases with the integrated Hitachi management suite
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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for the SAP HANA Platform and SAP Applications

  • Optimize SAP HANA performance with a consolidated architecture to more easily manage data growth and scaling
  • Minimize risk and operational efficiency with enterprise-class reliability and availability, as well as data protection
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Solutions for Your Challenges

Securely Move From Siloed IT to a Dynamic Private Cloud

See how easy it can be to modernize and meet complex requirements.

Test Before You Buy

Learn how you can optimize your current system before investing in new technology with our Database Infrastructure Evaluation Tool.

Don’t Replace Your SAP HANA Investment, Scale It

Get fast SAP HANA scalability ready for growth – without wasted resources and costs.