Hitachi Unified Compute Platform with Kubernetes Orchestration

Staying More Competitive Just Got Less Complex

Empower developers to build portable, lightweight, secure applications that can be deployed quickly to meet dynamic business needs

Build the Applications You Need to Drive Your Business


  • Automate container-based application orchestration
  • Protect critical workloads and applications with full redundancy on Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) systems
  • Use enterprise-level UCP to scale to meet growing business needs

Orchestrate and Manage Container-Based Applications


  • Simplifies management of physical and virtual infrastructure and container-aware environments
  • Automates container-based workload deployment to meet rapidly changing business needs
  • Site-to-site replication capability protects and recovers workloads within a multi-data-center infrastructure
  • Kubernetes on Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP)

    Explore the benefits of using Kubernetes alongside UCP.

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Free Developers to Quickly Meet Business Needs

Accelerate Software Development With a Converged Solution
With fewer deployment steps, simpler scheduling logic and decoupled application dependencies, developers can do their jobs faster.
Deploy Applications Where Most Needed
You can deploy your containerized applications on Unified Compute Platform alongside traditional workloads for greater flexibility and better resource utilization.
Deploy Container-Based Workloads Without Delay
Meet rapidly changing business needs with automated container-based workload deployment on UCP.

Reliability and Availability

Protect the Full Potential of Your Workloads

Integrated Management Removes Risk
Kubernetes on UCP with Converged Management Software integrates your data center and cloud to speed application development.
Kubernetes Coexists With Other Workloads Without Reducing Availability or Reliability
Your existing bare-metal or virtualized workloads running on UCP can coexist with container-orchestrated Kubernetes environments for greater flexibility.
Reduce the Risk of Data Loss With UCP Data Protection Capabilities
Your Kubernetes ecosystem can be fully redundant in a UCP system, protecting critical workloads and applications.


Manage Container-Based Applications With Ease

Simplify Management of Your Entire Infrastructure With UCP Director
UCP Director and Kubernetes orchestration simplify management of physical and virtual infrastructure and container-aware environments.
Integrate Compute, Storage and Network Resources and Automate Provisioning Tasks
Flexible enterprise-level UCP and Kubernetes can scale up to thousands of resources and nodes.
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