Oracle Data Protection

Defend Your Data Like It's No One's Business

Protect your valuable corporate information, Oracle databases and critical applications with flexible, robust data protection solutions

Uptime, All the Time


  • Keep your Oracle database environment running with continuous data availability and operational recovery
  • Decrease management complexity while increasing staff productivity through a single, consistent user interface
  • Reduce storage, server and networking risks and costs by using incremental backups, compression and data deduplication
  • Cost-Optimize Your Disaster Recovery Plan

    Find out how to reduce data recovery costs.

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Protect and Manage Your Oracle Database


  • Build data protection policies that match the right operational recovery technology with each set of business requirements
  • Improve efficiency and storage policy administration by simplifying and optimizing configuration, operations and task management
  • Reduce or eliminate backup windows, recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) with storage virtualization, and snapshots
  • App-Aware Snapshot Management for Virtual Storage

    In-System Replication provides backup and recovery performance for our VSP family.

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Recover Your Operations

Apply the Right Operational Recovery Solution

Recover From Many Types of Data-Loss Incidents
Easily restore lost or corrupted database files resulting from human error, malicious attacks, or failures by using Hitachi replication and protection solutions.
Choose the Recovery Solution That’s Right for You
Delivers Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) solutions for the creation and recovery of database copies with our portfolio of hardware, software and services.
Protect Your Oracle Databases With Flexible Automated Policies
Hitachi Data Instance Director reduces backup windows, recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) with storage-assisted snapshots and replication.
Accelerate File Backup and Recovery
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform reduces backup windows, recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) with storage virtualization and continuous data protection.


Go Beyond Disaster Planning by Building a Resilient Enterprise

Fully Restore Data Operations Following a Natural Disaster
Rely on cost-optimized solutions for disaster recovery protection that use sophisticated HDS remote replication capabilities.
Take Advantage of Storage System-Based Data Protection
Hitachi Universal Replicator (HUR) asynchronously replicates data volumes quickly and efficiently across any distance, with journal-based consistency.
Take Advantage of Hitachi Replication Management Products
Next-generation software centralizes and automates remote replication tasks to reduce complexity, increase staff productivity and provide control through a single user interface.


Get the Most Out of Oracle
See these tailored recommendations to reduce costs and maximize performance of your Oracle database infrastructure.
ESG Solution Showcase
ESG shows you how HDS can fix your Oracle database and reduce your costs.


Protection for Oracle Databases
Learn how Hitachi Data Instance Director eliminates the need for complex scripting of storage snapshot orchestration.
Hitachi Data Protection Suite, Powered by Commvault
See the comprehensive, unified platform for solving difficult data management challenges.


Deploy Oracle Multitenant
Learn about the design and implementation of a solution for the Oracle Database 12c environment.
Converged Infrastructure for Oracle Databases
See how Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Oracle Database provides a high-performance, integrated solution for Oracle infrastructure.
HDS Community
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Protect Oracle12c with Hitachi Data Instance Director in a single site

Oracle Databases form the backbone to many critical applications. Traditionally their data is protected using RMAN backups to stream data and logs...


Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series

Flash-optimized virtual storage platforms deliver high performance, resiliency and a software-defined infrastructure for faster innovation.

Hitachi Data Instance Director

Get a modern, holistic approach to data protection, recovery and retention.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Oracle Database

Control capital and operational costs while increasing the agility, flexibility and performance of your Oracle infrastructure.