Hitachi and OpenStack

When You Partner With Two Cloud Leaders, The Results Multiply

Our OpenStack technologies and solutions help you build clouds that are more flexible, efficient and trusted

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  • As a private cloud platform, OpenStack promotes more agile development and reduces management and resource overhead
  • OpenStack speeds critical business application development, fueled by a rich, global development community
  • Hitachi is a Gold Member of OpenStack, an important open source cloud initiative
  • Hitachi Advances OpenStack Enterprise Adoption

    Take advantage of open source technology to create best-in-industry cloud solutions.

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Supports Enterprise IT Requirements in the Cloud


  • Comprehensive driver support enables you to use our proven platforms as part of an OpenStack cloud
  • Hitachi server products and drivers are certified to work with Red Hat’s OpenStack distribution
  • Standards-based drivers support provisioning for heterogeneous infrastructures


Join a Strong Open Source Cloud Community and Provider Ecosystem

Build Open, Integrated, High-Quality Cloud Management Solutions
Hitachi is creating technologies and solutions that help you take advantage of this community of vendors, developers, and customers to build open, high-quality cloud management solutions.
Use Our Proven Platforms as Part of an OpenStack Cloud
Hitachi offers drivers that support your use of our proven, cloud-ready platforms as part of OpenStack clouds, whatever your choice of cloud approaches and delivery models.

OpenStack Enterprise Support

Advancing Next-Generation Open Standards

Working With Hitachi Can Make OpenStack Pay Off Sooner Rather Than Later
We foster enterprise adoption for OpenStack through integration and innovation with our own technologies, and by sharing them with the OpenStack community.


OpenStack and Enterprise Private Cloud
In this Google Hangout, HDS CTO for Intelligent Platforms and colleagues discuss their latest on advances with OpenStack.

Hitachi and OpenStack

Hitachi Block Storage Driver for OpenStack (Cinder)
Storage Platforms
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform
(VSP) G series and VSP F series,
Hitachi VSP, Hitachi Unified
Storage (HUS), Hitachi Unified
Storage Platform VM (HUS VM)
OpenStack Distribution Releases
Juno – Red Hat OSP 6, SUSE Cloud
5 Kilo – Red Hat OSP 7 Liberty – Red
Hat OSP 8, SUSE Cloud 6,
Ubuntu OpenStack Liberty, Mirantis
OpenStack 8 Mitaka – Red Hat OSP 9,
Ubuntu OpenStack Mitaka, Mirantis
OpenStack 9
Linux Drivers
SLES 11, SLES 12
Ubuntu 14.04
Hitachi NAS Block Storage Driver for OpenStack (Cinder)
Storage Platforms
Hitachi NAS Platform family
3080, 3090 and 4040, 4060,
4080, 4100 (v12.2 or later)
OpenStack Distribution Releases
Juno – Red Hat OSP 6, Ubuntu
OpenStack Kilo- RedHat OSP 7
Liberty - RHEL OSP 8, SUSE Open
Cloud 6, Ubuntu OpenStack
Linux Drivers
SLES 11, SLES 12
Ubuntu 14.04
Hitachi Content Platform Object Service for OpenStack (Swift)
Storage Platforms
Hitachi Content Platform V7.1 or later
OpenStack Distribution Releases
Any distribution that uses OpenStack
object storage (Swift) v1*
Linux Drivers
No special
drivers required
Hitachi NAS Driver for OpenStack (Manila)
Storage Platforms
Hitachi NAS Platform 3080,
3090 and 4040, 4060, 4080,
4100 (Firmware and SMU v12.4
or later)
OpenStack Distribution Releases
Liberty -RHEL OSP 8, SUSE Open
Cloud 6, Ubuntu OpenStack
Linux Drivers
RHEL 7, SLES 12,
Ubuntu 14.04

*Hitachi Content Platform directly supports the Swift API, with external Keystone authentication.

Hitachi Servers Certified for Red Hat OpenStack

Many Hitachi servers are tested, supported, and certified to perform with Red Hat OpenStack Platform, delivering rock-solid reliability, high performance and scalability in OpenStack cloud environments.

HDS Community
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