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Deliver the most ROI on your virtualization environment with industry-leading storage and data management solutions

Virtual Volumes

  • Advanced VVol integration with Hitachi storage provides robust next-generation platform for cloud deployment
  • Enhanced efficiency with optimized storage utilization and less management overhead
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Hitachi Virtual Infrastructure Integrator

  • Reduce business risk and costs with data protection and quick recovery for VMware virtual environments
  • Simplify data management and improve resource efficiency as you scale your enterprise for the future
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VMware Adapters

  • Take advantage of free and low-cost enhancements to increase product functionality, visibility and reliability
  • Simplify and optimize data storage utilization as you lower overall costs
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Desktop Virtualization

  • Improve the user experience while you reduce IT support and management expenses
  • Easily manage expanded business needs to scale, migrate and deploy hundreds to thousands of virtual desktops
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Storage Solutions for VMware vSphere

  • Boost the IT efficiency, agility and availability levels of your virtual environment
  • Cut the complexity from your IT infrastructure with a key Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) building block
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Converged Management Software

  • Build unified, composable, cloud infrastructure management and take advantage of DevOps capabilities
  • Reduce cloud infrastructure administration and troubleshooting costs with tightly integrated system orchestration
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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for VMware vSphere

  • Centralize and automate management of servers, storage and networking components to transform them into agile business resources
  • Get to ROI quickly with reduced operational costs for single or multiple data centers
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