Succeeding in the Era of IoT Relies on IT’s Ability to Manage and Grasp Data in Context With Physical Systems

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Analyst Content Inventing the Future - Hurwitz White Paper
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Analyst Content Inventing the Future - Hurwitz White Paper
Inventing the Future - Hurwitz White Paper
Hurwitz - Inventing the Future

As the volume and variety of data expands, enterprises need frameworks and engines that support industrial transformation and provide flexible automation of processes. This paper discusses the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the technology needed to succeed in the next industrial revolution.

To support IoT, IT needs to be able to:
  • Translate the physical world into understandable data that can be managed and analyzed
  • Use data from sensors and combine it with enterprise data in a blended data model
  • Provide a flexible set of services designed for reuse based on a framework

Businesses need the ability to capture all types of data and analyze that data in a context that addresses the business problem. Discover how when you download this insightful white paper today.
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