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Don’t Take Chances With Your Object Storage: Government Compliance is Key

This technical report is a compliance assessment by Cohasset Associates, Inc. of the HCP Compliance Mode Namespace capabilities relative to the storage-related requirements of SEC Rule 17a-4(f), which regulates the storage of electronic records for members, brokers or dealers.
Cohasset’s assessment concludes that the functional capabilities of the HCP Compliance Mode Namespace, when properly configured and utilized, meet the conditions of the relevant requirements of SEC Rule 17a-4(f).

Analyst Content

How a Social Innovation Strategy is Helping Enterprises Improve Efficiencies and Deliver New Sources of Revenue

IDC examines how Hitachi Data Systems delivers social innovations that improve efficiencies, lower costs and provide new sources of revenue.


How Paul Lewis Learned to Create Value From Big Data

Take a lighthearted look at how “technology blogger extraordinaire” Paul Lewis learned how to make big data actionable … from his teenage daughter.


You Don’t Have a Big Data Problem … Right?

Compulsive blogger and HDS ITO Paul Lewis weeds out everyone who doesn’t have a big data problem, and then helps everyone who actually does.


Accelerate Your SAP HANA Adoption With Hitachi’s Help

Maximize the speed, availability and value of SAP HANA by using Hitachi’s enterprise-scale Unified Compute Platform – to scale up or scale out.


Use Cell Architecture to Build a Customized Data Structure

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform uses cell architecture that lets you scale your data management areas to the exact size you need.


Are You Ready for the Internet of Things?

See how Hitachi uses the Internet of Things to drive social innovation that makes the world a safer, healthier and more secure place to live and work.


Drive the Future of Social Innovation With Big Data

See how Hitachi Social Innovation integrates big data, analytics and industry expertise to help you get big value from your big data in less time.


See the Future of Big Data

See how tomorrow's big data analytics will offer insights and advances that will change the world for every industry, country and person.


Leverage Data and Analytics to Improve Healthcare

See how Hitachi Clinical Repository helps leverage data and analytics to create a healthcare system that is efficient, flexible and successful.


Innovate With Information to Manage Water Resources

See how Hitachi Data Systems helps Western Water innovate with information to manage water resources in a desert climate.


Are You Ready for the Internet of Things That Matter?

The Internet of Things will connect billions of devices and systems and Hitachi is at the forefront of its development. We can help you get ready.


Hitachi Hyper Scale-Out Platform Datasheet

See how the Hitachi Hyper Scale-Out Platform (HSP) combines server computing, server virtualization and storage in a hyper-converged appliance to deliver high-performance NFS ingest, integrated with Hadoop, to provide faster insights from mixed analytics workloads.


Hitachi Visualization Platform: Gateways

Discover Hitachi’s secure, end-to-end situational awareness gateway that supports the rapid deployment and management of robust data, video and mobile communication networks for public safety agencies and smart cities.

Customer Case Study

Asia Capital Reinsurance

4-page success story examines how Asia Capital Reinsurance implemented Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select for SAP HANA Platform to optimize performance and scalability and enable near real-time insight.

Customer Case Study

City of Moreno Valley

Explore how the City of Moreno Valley boosts public safety, traffic efficiencies and situational awareness with Hitachi Visualization Platform (HVP) and Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) in this success story.

White Paper

Keeping Up with The Quants

Go through the “keeping up with the quants” document sponsored by Hitachi Data Systems and get an overview of analytics and six-step framework for quantitative analysis.


Hitachi Streaming Data Platform (HSDP) - Overview

Get an overview of Hitachi Streaming Data Platform (HSDP) which is an enterprise class analytics software platform designed to analyze internet of things (IoT) data in motion.


Maximize IT for Real Business Advantage

Go through Hitachi webtech educational series that focus on all-flash systems; unified storage solutions and unified compute solutions to provide particularly compelling opportunities to maximize IT for real business.


Rapid Visualization With Big Data Analytics

Know about rapid visualization with big data analytics and model for building integrated safe cities. Know how Hitachi Visualization is a gateway to safer, smarter and more efficient cities.


Hitachi Visualization Platform Provides Turnkey Video Management Platform Options

Hitachi Visualization Platform (HVP) provides turnkey video management platform options for an end-to-end video management system. Explore how to solve video storage problems in this datasheet from Hitachi Data Systems.

White Paper

Checklist for Big Data Infrastructure Readiness

Go through the checklist for big data infrastructure readiness by Hitachi Data Systems. Learn the power of Big Data analytics to fulfill its promise of business insight and competitive advantage

White Paper

Smart Ingest for Telecommunications

Neuralytix market research examines how Hitachi’s streaming data platform helps the telecommunications industry deliver, improve and extend service levels to subscribers in the big data era.

White Paper

The Internet on Wheels and Hitachi, Ltd.

Read this whitepaper to explore how Internet on Wheels has become a significant component of the Internet of Things. Learn how Hitachi divisions work together toward achieving the vision of smart cars.

White Paper

Information Is Everywhere, But How Do You Extract the Knowledge?

Examine issues organizations are experiencing with storing and extracting knowledge from big data, including rising costs and limitations of inefficient storage infrastructures.

Customer Case Study

Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen

This success story describes how this healthcare provider generates large volumes of data daily, primarily due to the high number of departments.


Strengthen Social Innovation With Machine-to-Machine Analytics

Learn how Hitachi Live Insight for IT Operations supports Social Innovation with an efficient, intelligent and secure network analytics solution.


Hitachi Video Management Platform (VMP)

Hitachi Video Management Platform (VMP) helps you to meet the challenges of ever-increasing amounts of video in storage environments. Read our datasheet to know how to get end-to-end, turnkey video management.

Customer Case Study

KBC Group and K&H Bank Speed Up Performance, Data Analysis and Backups With Hitachi

Read how K&H Bank, part of the KBC group accelerate mission-critical services with Hitachi enterprise storage management, flash and data protection solutions.

Customer Exploration

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for the SAP HANA Platform With the Power of Pentaho

Drive Real-Time Decisions With Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for the SAP HANA Platform and Pentaho

White Paper

Build the Future of Big Data Today

This 9-page white paper examines the infrastructure needs of big data and the connection between your information infrastructure and the success of your big data projects.

Customer Exploration

Hitachi Social Innovation Helps Businesses Build a Healthier, Safer, Smarter Society

Read the point of view paper on social innovation and know how Hitachi Social Innovation solutions solve business and social problems in healthcare, public safety, government, and telecommunications industry.


25 Ways to Use Hitachi Content Intelligence

Introduces Hitachi Content Intelligence and presents 25 different uses for the product specific to verticals that include government, financial services, regulatory compliance, healthcare and insurance, retail, telecommunications, accounting services, publishing and media, and legal firms.


Hitachi Content Intelligence: Data Transformation and Exploration Platform - Datasheet

Choose Hitachi Content Intelligence (HCI) to transform data into valuable business information. Read the HCI datasheet and discover how to transform your data, reveal new insights, improve productivity and mitigate risk.


Klinikum Wels Customer Video Testimonial

Interview with Elmar Flamme, Strategic CIO of Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen GmBH regard their reliance on the Hitachi Content Portfolio as their infrastructure for data management, governance, mobility and analytics

White Paper

Why Data Quality is Essential for Content Analytics - Whitepaper

Read this white paper to learn five steps that improve content analytics, content intelligence and business intelligence. See how you can ensure data quality by improving data hygiene and deploying a data quality management system.


Are You Ready for the New World of Data

Go through this infographic to know how to innovate for a data-driven future and deliver game-changing value from your data with Hitachi Data Systems and Pentaho.

Analyst Content

Hitachi Data Systems Road Map to Software-Defined Infrastructure

This graphic shows how partnering with Hitachi Data Systems to chart a cost-effective course to a software-defined infrastructure pays big dividends in performance and productivity.

Customer Exploration

Hitachi Hyper Scale-Out Platform and Hadoop Solution Brief

Go through the solution profiles to know how Hitachi Hyper Scale-Out Platform provides enterprise-class support for Hadoop and analytics.


Enable Big Data Analytics With HDS Hyper Scale-Out Platform (HSP) and Pentaho

See how the new HSP, Hadoop, Pentaho and OpenStack capabilities provide key platform technologies to enable big data analytics to gain faster business insights and make more efficient decisions.

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