Munehiro Hashimoto - COO, IT Platform Division

Munehiro Hashimoto leads all inbound operations including global engineering, technology strategy, supply chain management, and business in Japan. He is also Hitachi ITSC chief operating officer responsible for the Global IT Platform Business. He was appointed to these positions in 2014. He is division president of IT Platform Business Management Division within the IT Platform Division Group of the Information & Telecommunication Systems Company of Hitachi, Ltd., a position he was promoted to in 2012.

Hashimoto joined Hitachi, Ltd. in 1984 at Odawara Works in Japan. By 2003 he was department manager of the Global Business Operations Department in the Disk Array Systems Division. In 2006 he was appointed general manager of Strategic Business Planning for that division. The following year, 2007, Hashimoto became general manager of the division’s Storage System Development.

In 2009, Hashimoto moved to the position of general manager of the Strategic Business Development Division of the Strategy Planning & Development Office of Hitachi, Ltd. By 2011 he was appointed vice president of the Disk Array Systems Division of the Information & Telecommunication Systems Company of Hitachi, Ltd.