Internet Of Things (IoT)

Improve Your Outcomes in the Internet of Things


The revolution of the internet of things (IoT) is underway, bringing together people, data and machines to improve our lives in ways we never imagined. We combine OT and IT to deliver on the promise of IoT for exceptional outcomes.

What’s Your Vision for the Internet of Things?


Our expertise is to unify the physical and digital worlds. With extensive resources in people, capital, patents and partners, we are already providing IoT solutions for cities, industries and businesses. Our capabilities – and our social innovation mission – are built on Hitachi’s 100+ years in operational technology (OT) and 50+ years in IT. We’re ready to start with you.

  • Physical Experience

    Draw from our 100+ years creating and developing operational technologies (OT).

  • Digital Expertise

    Count on our IT know-how of 50+ years for innovative, useful solutions.

  • Exceptional Outcomes

    Gain remarkable insights from our integration of the best IT and OT systems to succeed with the internet of things.

Safer, greener, more vibrant – that’s what we call smarter

City Data Exchange

  • Imagine a digital marketplace that unleashes data to help the public and private sector accelerate innovation to meet citywide challenges – that’s the City Data Exchange
  • Shared data among city governments, businesses, universities and organizations helps to drive innovation for solutions to local challenges, and new business opportunities
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Hitachi Video Management Platform

  • Be at the top of your technology game to ensure the safety of the people, property, and information you protect
  • Enable video insight to fuel innovation, increase efficiency, speed e-discovery, and analyze and extract content how users need it – quick, secure, and complete
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Public Safety Solutions

  • Unify public and private data to keep people safe with IoT solutions that enable real-time intelligence and communications
  • Get police to the right place, help ambulances find a clear route, and make emergency systems more effective
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