Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that every company has a duty to contribute to the greater good. For us, corporate social responsibility is a central business tenet and we work hard to live up to the highest standards.

With Japanese roots going back over 100 years, our culture is based on values we call the Hitachi Spirit. The Hitachi Spirit infuses our people and our practices. It's more than a poster on the wall or a graphic in a slide deck. It's how – and why – we get things done. It's who we are.

  • Wa – Harmony, Trust, Respect
  • Makoto – Sincerity, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity
  • Kaitakusha-Seishin – Pioneering Spirit, Challenge
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Hitachi, Ltd. is a member of DJSI World

Workplace Culture and Diversity


Awards and Honors

Workplace Culture and DiversityWe believe each employee can make a difference every day.
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Awards and HonorsWe take tremendous pride in the many awards and honors we've received around the globe.
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Global Citizenship



Global CitizenshipWe contribute to society to help make it even better. (


EthicsWe are a global leader in ethics and business conduct
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Environmental Consciousness and Sustainability


Supply Chain Sustainability

Environmental Consciousness and SustainabilityWe minimize our impact on the environment and do everything we can to promote sustainability
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Supply Chain SustainabilityWe have long been an advocate of fair and transparent business, human rights and active social contribution.
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Corporate Social Responsibility Brochure

Corporate Social Responsibility is a central business tenet at HDS and we work hard to live up to the highest standards. Read more.

Transform Your Business

Your business future depends on innovations that make a positive difference in the world. Achieve business transformation with Hitachi industry, analytical and IT expertise. Read more.

A Healthier Society

Hitachi contributes to a healthier society with advanced medical equipment, relevant big data generation, and systems that manage and correlate information. Make a difference with Social Innovation
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Social Responsibility