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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform and Virtual Storage Platform G1000 Mainframe Software Compatibility

This brochure describes the mainframe compatibility features of the Virtual Storage Platform and Virtual Storage Platform G1000.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform 1000 for VMware EVO:RAIL

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform 1000 for VMware EVO:RAIL complements our enterprise-class Unified Compute Platform for VMware vSphere converged solutions.

Product Line Card Hitachi Data Systems Software

The Hitachi Data Systems Software Product Line Card includes descriptions of all the HDS software products currently being offered, grouped by categories like storage and data management, business continuity and much more.

Hitachi VMware WebTech Q&A Session

Hitachi Universal Replicator has functional aspects that depend on hardware capabilities of the enterprise storage platform, the modular storage systems do not have these hardware capabilities.

Hitachi Storage Adapter for PetrelTM

Two-page datasheet highlighting the benefits of the Hitachi Data System Enhanced Backup and Recovery Plug-in for Schlumberger Petrel software for upstream oil and gas discovery and exploration; includes solution description, key value propositions for the Energy industry and product specifications.

USP V USP VM support for AIX

This interoperability matrix provides the supported customer configuration of RAID Hitachi Universal Storage Platform (Virtual) USP-V, USP-VM for AIX Support Matrix.

CGI Bottomless Edge-to-Core Storage

Automate day-to-day IT operations like data protection and manage unstructured data with CGI bottomless edge-to-core storage.

A-B-C Strategies for File and Content Solutions: Enable E-discovery

Describes benefits of combining Hitachi file and content solutions to enable cross-platform searches from a single interface.

Hitachi NAS Platform with Aspera fasp™: High-performance Transport and Storage Solution

Discusss a WAN Optimization Solution with Aspera's fasp technology and HNAS.

The Future of Business-Defined Mobility

Read about the future of business-defined mobility and how to create a business-defined mobility strategy for your organization in this point of view from Hitachi Data Systems.

Hitachi Protection Platform

Explore Hitachi Protection Platform and know how HDS provides powerful, scalable backup appliance for enterprise data protection in this whitepaper from Hitachi Data Systems.

Hitachi Network Attached Storage

Hitachi Data Systems provides information on open source software packages for Hitachi Network Attached Storage 11.1.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000: Pushing the Functionality Envelope

ESG white paper outlines the demands on IT and storage today, and discusses how Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 delivers a holistic storage platform for the future that serves enterprise needs.

Top 10 Advantages of the HUS VM All Flash

Go through Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM) all flash system solution summary and its top 10 advantages to achieve the new levels of storage performance, efficiency, cost, virtualization and tiering.

Disk Physical Destruction & Recycling Service

Disk Physical Destruction and Recycling Service provides complete destruction and recycling of hard disk drives to insulate you from exposure to costly legal liabilities and loss of corporate assets

Disaster Recovery using Hitachi Universal Replicator on Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for the SAP HANA Platform using Hitachi Compute Blade 2500, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000, and Hitachi NAS Platform 4060 Reference Architecture Guide

Reference Architecture Guide

A-B-C Strategies for File and Content Solutions: Facilitate Cloud

Describes how organizations can increase agility with a cloud service delivery model.

Emulex LP 11000/LP 11002 4Gb PCI-X 2.0 FC Host Bus Adapters

Emulex lightpulse LP11000/LP110002 fibre channel PCI-X 2.0 host bus adapters.

Hitachi Base Operating System Packages for Hitachi Unified Storage 100 Family

This brochure describes the integrated tools Hitachi Base Operating System provides for provisioning, performance and analytics, data mobility and data protection for Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) 100 family systems.

Direct Purchasing Agreement (DPA) - EMEA - Sweden (English)

Direct Purchasing Agreement governs the customer’s purchase of products and/or services from HDS in Sweden.
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