About Hitachi Data Systems

Thinking Ahead Lets You Thrive

  • We build information management and Social Innovation solutions – technology innovation for business and social prosperity.
  • Our IT infrastructure, analytics, content and cloud solutions and services drive strategic management and analysis of the world's data.
  • Only Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) integrates the best of information technology and operational technology from Hitachi to deliver the transformational insight that businesses need.

Transform to Thrive

Hitachi Data Systems pursues Social Innovation with data-driven technology solutions that help you build a strong business and a healthier, safer, smarter society. To succeed in a world of disruptive change requires technological adaptation and smart decisions. We help you achieve both with a focus on data that offers real value – what we call the Internet of Things that matter. With software-defined infrastructure to improve IT agility and flexibility, we accelerate innovation, improve business outcomes, simplify the lives of mobile workers and administrators, and expedite business insight and competitive advantage. Transform to thrive with an agile data center, highly available content, and informed decision-making.

Our Promise for Safer, Smarter and Healthier Societies

Nearly every society must keep pace with the dramatic changes brought on by explosive population growth, mass urbanization and aging populations. Read more.

Smart Cities Are Coming of Age

Data collected in real-time from the many connected systems in these smart cities will play a key role in improving public safety.

Hitachi and Social Innovation

Hitachi is about creating integrated solutions that improve people's lives. See how social innovation is helping cities face tomorrow. Watch the video.