Data Security

Secure Enterprise Data with Hitachi Security Solutions

Secure Your Most Critical Asset

  • Our feature-rich data protection design and advanced data security capabilities enable regulatory compliance
  • A leading participant in standards forums, we actively leverage global partners to deliver specialized security offerings.
  • Hitachi Incident Response Team (HIRT) maintains a security alert program with the global Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) as well as our own Product Security Advisories.

A Critical Element of the Data Resilience Process

Cyber crime has surpassed the profitability of trafficking in illegal drugs. Penalties for data indiscretions are on the rise even as the scope of affected data expands. Check the news and you'll see that regulatory and legal requirements continue to emerge, influencing data protection and data security. Government organizations are turning to commercial networks to conduct business while cyber warfare becomes a reality spearheaded by military, political and criminal adversaries. Just what are the defensive measures that can help keep business, industry, and government data secure? Where does security begin for you? At Hitachi Data Systems it begins with a formidable strategy.

  • Leadership and active participation with industry standard bodies, forums and consortiums assure a diligent security strategy for protecting critical Hitachi Data System storage platforms
  • An engaged Hitachi Incident Response Team (HIRT) maintains an immediate security alert program with the global Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Immediate notification of vulnerabilities as identified by CERT

Learn More About Solutions and Standards

Features and Benefits

Much of the challenge of storage security is defining and maintaining the best balance between exposure and cost. That's why Hitachi Data Systems offers solutions that:

  • Focus on the important data
  • Identify the potential threats
  • Map threats into attack points
  • Analyze attack points for vulnerabilities and mitigating controls
  • Secure baseline configurations
  • Sustain storage platform performance
  • Address the entire storage ecosystem
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance

Open standards drive our participation and interaction with a broad range of formal standards organizations as well as industry forums where we play a leadership role in establishing security criteria. Our active participation takes place in key security standards bodies and associations, which include:Formal standards bodies

Industry associations

  • Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA)
  • Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF)
Data Encryption Challenges and Strategies

Data Encryption Challenges and Strategies

Learn more about enterprise data encryption from this video by Jon Oltsik of Enterprise Strategy Group. Watch here.
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