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IT Economics

Realize Significant Economic Benefits with the Right IT Architectures

Top 3 Reasons to Economize Your IT

  • Save for a brighter future. During lean economic times, you can capitalize on your existing IT investments through increased utilization and economically superior IT architectures.
  • Maximize IT agility. Flexible, dynamic IT infrastructures increase utilization and your ability to respond to changing business needs while ensuring IT service levels are met.
  • Give sustainability the green light. IT Economics can help you reduce power and cooling costs for a more sustainable IT infrastructure and a greener future.

Build Economically Superior IT Architectures

Our IT Economics model reveals that over 4 years IT acquisition costs are just 15 to 20% of their total cost of ownership. That means you need to multiply your capital costs by up to 6 to truly understand of the cost of storage over its lifetime.

But the news is not all bad. There are technologies that can help you get maximum value from your previous IT investments. They reduce the need for future investment to grow at the same rate that your data grows. We call these economically superior IT architectures and their key ingredients include:

  • Storage virtualization
  • Thin provisioning
  • Dynamically tiered storage
  • Unified storage
  • Converged infrastructures
  • Cloud
  • Integrated archive

Hitachi has worked with more than 1500 organizations worldwide to:

  • Assess IT requirements from a business perspective
  • Benchmark the true costs of existing IT infrastructure
  • Identify key areas for cost reduction and a path to realize those savings
  • Deliver technology solutions that are economically efficient and sustainable

Features and Benefits

Proven model. Real results.

We have applied our IT economics methodology to more than 1500 enterprises worldwide. We know that total cost of ownership cannot be confused with purchase cost only. The true cost of owning enterprise IT capacity breaks into a small number of well-known categories: labor, equipment, maintenance and downtime.

Through this process, we have uncovered several key challenges facing today’s storage and IT professionals:

  • Acquisition costs account for just 15 to 20% of the total cost of IT - the remaining costs come from an additional 30+ contributors to IT TCO
  • Up to 75% of an organization’s current investment in storage is wasted, because just 25% of capacity is utilized
  • Transferring data to “the next technology” will cost you around up to US$76,000 per terabyte

Economize Your Storage

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Total Cost of Ownership

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