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Solutions : Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In the big picture, keeping your company operating nonstop is more than just planning for disaster recovery—it's about building a resilient enterprise. But it's not as simple as it once seemed. The range of options can be overwhelming, from local backup to replicating data over long distances and establishing a practical methodology that expedites recovery while minimizing data loss.

Introducing Hitachi Replication Manager

Hitachi replication users can now benefit from a uniquely integrated tool that allows them to better control RPO and RTO objectives: Hitachi Replication Manager.

For Hitachi Data Systems customers seeking in-system or distance replication solutions, Hitachi Replication Manager software configures, monitors and manages Hitachi replication products for both open systems and mainframe environments. This software product is part of the Hitachi Storage Command Suite.

The solution builds on existing Hitachi technology by leveraging the powerful replication capabilities of the systems. It decreases management complexity while increasing staff productivity and provides greater control than previously available solutions through a single, consistent user interface.

A Blueprint for Business Resilience and Operational Efficiency

Business Resilience and Operational Efficiency

Business Resilience and Operational EfficiencyIn today's always-on business world, fast and continuous access to applications and data is essential for success. As a result, business continuity has become an integral part of the business and IT lexicon—and an increasingly larger portion of the IT budget.
Understand Your Key Business Challenges and Requirements

Business Challenges

How do I determine which parts of my business are most at risk?
How do I ensure my business continuity infrastructure is resilient?
How can I establish and then meet recovery-point and recovery-time objectives?
How can I get the most reliable backup and recovery—faster and more cost-effectively?
How do I decide how far away my replication site needs to be and how many sites do I need?
How can I ensure data consistency over replicated sites?
How can I ensure my information is recoverable and usable following an outage?

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“Enterprises that deploy integrated solutions, such as the Hitachi Storage Command Suite, will be better able to maximize efficiencies within their storage infrastructure. Improved storage economics are achieved by enabling storage administrators to manage a greater amount of capacity per person. This, combined with a comprehensive IT risk management and data protection strategy, creates a powerful arsenal that goes beyond simply protecting data.” — Laura DuBois, program director, Storage Software, IDC Read More

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