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Storage Management

Lower Data Center Operational Costs

  • Use an advanced management framework to optimize administration, operations, performance and resilience for Hitachi storage environments
  • Simplify complex storage environments to lower both storage capital and operational costs
  • Build a sustainable storage management foundation with efficient management practices for virtualized storage and servers with limited staff resources

Increase Storage Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Today’s global operations and business applications demand rapid response times and premier service levels, 24/7. At the same time, IT managers face greater volumes of data distributed across different platforms and resources—from applications to the storage system. Additional challenges include IT staff shortages, accurate capacity planning, virtual server proliferation and rising operational costs. To overcome these challenges, you need better storage management solutions to help realize a faster return on your storage investments..

Hitachi storage management solutions leverage Hitachi Command Suite, an advanced storage management framework for next generation data centers comprised of both virtualized storage and server assets. Our solutions help you effectively manage your entire storage infrastructure — from the business application to the disk — and provide the quality of service your business needs.

Simplify Storage Management

  • Find out how Hitachi Command Suite simplifies the process of storage management while optimizing costs. Watch or download the video
  • Find out more about how Hitachi Command Suite further integrates your IT management for increased storage management efficiency. Download the brochure

Features and Benefits


  • Simplify management with a common set of management tools covering the full range of Hitachi storage systems
  • Provide end-to-end views and correlations for application storage usage utilizing agentless approaches
  • Employ advanced automated storage allocations, performance leveling and capacity planning with Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software
  • Share and leverage common logical constructs across Hitachi Command Suite products
  • Exercise unique service level management for applications to ensure storage service levels for mission critical business applications are being met
  • Reduce costly errors associated with manual storage resource management and provisioning processes
  • Optimize future capacity planning based on analyzing actual storage usage and historical trends while properly tracking storage infrastructure costs


  • Reduce storage capital costs by increasing storage utilization and deploying tiered storage infrastructures
  • Reduce operational costs by improving storage management efficiencies with centralized management and the use of common administrative tools
  • Ensure the storage infrastructure is properly aligned to changing application and business requirements
  • Improve business applications’ availability, performance and access to its critical data


The BIG 5 Benefits

See the top benefits for Hitachi file and content solutions in this informative e-guide.

Hitachi Command Suite

In this Product Overview, you'll see a best practice use case for Hitachi Command Suite and how the new features of the Analytics tab enable increased monitoring and management of all resources. Watch | Download

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