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Essential IBM Mainframe Storage Features Levels of Compatibility - Hitachi Mainframe Solutions

Essential Compatibility

Essential IBM Mainframe Storage Features

Levels of Compatibility

No Added Software Required on Mainframe

  • IBM®-tested, compatible mainframe-attached storage.
  • Innovative, unique mainframe storage features offload and improve storage operations using Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, Hitachi Dynamic Tiering, 2- and 3-data-center replication and virtualization of external storage.
  • Outstanding performance, reliability and value in mainframe environments with lower power and cooling requirements.

Industry-Leading Mainframe Storage

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform give you outstanding reliability, performance and scalability with reduced floor space, power and cooling requirements.

  • Support of SSD, SAS and near-line SAS storage.
  • IBM FICON® and Fibre Channel support of IBM z/OS®, IBM z/VM®, IBM z/VSE® and LINUX for IBM System z®.
  • Supports mainframe storage features including PAV, HyperPAV, dynamic volume expansion (DVE), extended address volumes (EAV), peer-to-peer remote copy (PPRC), and IBM high-performance FICON with multi-track.
  • Industry-leading replication solutions including support for both basic and IBM GDPS HyperSwap®, XRC, IBM FlashCopy®, FlashCopy Space Efficient as well as unique Hitachi replication solutions.

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