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Fundamentally, business continuity focuses on data protection. Business information, in whatever forms it takes, either represents value or enables ongoing business operations, which generate income. Any data interruption, temporary or permanent, can be associated with tangible financial losses.

Business continuity deals with more than simply regulations, terrorism or natural disasters. It's really a set of sound business practices, which in turn have a tremendous impact on your ability to operate in a demanding economy. An important question facing organizations is whether you would be able to continue business operations and work flow function in the event of failure or disaster.

The software products and suites available from Hitachi Data Systems provide an effective means to protect valuable data assets as part of broader Hitachi business continuity solutions that also include hardware and services. These products provide centralized and automated data protection, while reducing costs and complexity. The 2 functional areas of Hitachi business continuity solutions are data replication and data protection.

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Businesses require their data to be available when needed, and they need to be able to recover that data if a failure occurs. Data Replication addresses those needs either within a single storage system or between multiple data centers.

In today’s “always on” business world, fast and continuous access to applications and data is essential for success. As a result, data protection has become an integral part of the business and IT lexicon—and an increasingly larger portion of the IT budget.

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