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Oil and Gas Discovery

Interpret More Seismic Data in Less Time

  • Get performance and advanced data management features to meet the challenges of today’s data-intensive oil and gas exploration activities and strict project deadlines
  • Accelerate discovery in oil and gas exploration with high performance, massive scalability, reduced cost of ownership and multiple OS support

Better Storage for Richer Data

  • Maintain high data throughput and high I/O performance to keep today's high-performance computing clusters satisfied
  • Scale easily to accommodate the rapidly growing data sets from seismic imaging techniques for the data acquisition, processing, or interpretation phases
  • Consolidate petabytes of data onto a single platform with a common set of management tools
  • Support standard protocols and accommodate applications running on all operating systems, even when they're accessing the same dataset
  • Beyond performance, reduce the discovery process by days or even weeks by avoiding bottlenecks

See How to Improve Discovery of Energy and Oil

  • See how to reduce your time to oil. Visit our energy resource center.
  • Take the Schlumberger Petrel platform to new levels with Hitachi Storage Adapter for Petrel. See how.
  • Reduce your time to insight with our high-throughput storage solution with Lustre. Learn more.

Features and Benefits
  • Use a full set of high availability features such as redundant components and paths, multiple RAID levels, and cluster failover across multiple nodes to avoid downtime
  • Accommodate today’s exploration equipment that uses many different applications running on a variety of operating systems, including Unix, Linux, and Windows
  • Adapt to a large number of simultaneous reads against the same stored dataset as calculations are distributed across hundreds of servers

Discover HDS for Energy

Make energy exploration faster, safer and easier. Hitachi has the solutions. Watch the video.

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In energy exploration, time is money. See how you can discover oil and gas more quickly and increase revenue streams with Hitachi.
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