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IT Transition Services

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Hitachi Transition Services


IT Transition Services Portfolio

IT Transition Services Portfolio

IT Transition Services with focused information and data capabilities

  • On-Demand Computing Deployment: Build and integrate dynamic infrastructures to provide on-demand resources.
  • Nondisruptive Migration: IT transformation services include effective processes and best practices to transform your IT environment with minimum risk.
  • Information Management and Optimization: Best practices for protection, search, analysis and optimization to drive higher levels of IT efficiency.

Transform Non-disruptively

In today’s IT environments, everyone is being asked to do more with less. Cost reduction, optimization of existing resources, service level improvements and compliance with multiple regulations have created the need to move quickly and effectively.

HDS offers comprehensive IT transition services to help you deploy, migrate and optimize your entire data landscape. These services are organized into 3 categories:

  • Elastic Computing Deployment Services focus on building, testing, and integrating dynamic infrastructures to provide on-demand resources, cloud environments and smart analytics that bring more agility to your business.
  • Nondisruptive IT Migration Services target the planning for, and migration to, your desired end state, making the transition to your service-oriented IT organization a smooth process.
  • Information Management and Optimization Services support implementing, building, optimizing and securing the entire data landscape in order to provide better business intelligence and a unified data management framework that is independent of applications.

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Storage, Networking, Software Services

Integrating new technologies into your IT infrastructure is essential for your competitiveness and success. And yet the adoption of new technologies also exposes you to risk and introduces new complexity to your operations.

We ensure you have the low-risk, rapid, accurate deployments of our robust hardware and software technologies to convert your data center into an agile information center. To this goal, our proven methodologies, skilled experts, proprietary tools and best practices accelerate your return on investment and help you realize opex and capex savings. Let Hitachi Data Systems help you transform your data center to give you the best-in-class availability and performance you need for your business.

File and Content Services

Hitachi Data Systems has helped hundreds of customers manage unstructured data throughout its lifecycle and enable cloud, big data and converged infrastructure strategies. We offer a rich portfolio of assessment, implementation, replication and upgrade service capabilities to accelerate file and content solution deployments in your environment – all according to Hitachi Data Systems best practices. For enterprises this leads to significant costs savings, operational efficiencies and risk mitigation across all industries, from healthcare and telecommunication to manufacturing, energy and utilities.

Mainframe Services

The IBM® System z®, (mainframe) continues to be a critical foundation in the IT infrastructure of many large companies today. Hitachi Data Systems Global Services organization offers many choices for supporting your mainframe environments including dynamic provisioning, local and remote replication and virtualization of external storage.

Hitachi Data Systems also offers unique migration services so you can migrate your mainframe data to new technology. The strength of this service lies in the combination of our services team's expert data migration planning and execution skills, the remote copy hardware capability, and outstanding reliability of Hitachi storage.

Strength also lies in the custom tools developed by Hitachi Data Systems Global Services.

Business Continuity Services

Businesses require data to be available when needed, and data must be recoverable if a failure occurs. Hitachi Data Systems Global Services organization offers you a clear understanding of what is really involved in implementing a data resilience solution for your organization. That understanding includes a solid plan for return on investment.

Consulting Services reconcile your current business and technical objectives against identified exposure to risk and requirements and create a best-fit business resilience roadmap.

Transition Services implement the technology and execute the plan within the prescribed time and budget.

Compute and Converged Services

Hitachi Data Systems offers a rich portfolio of services capabilities to help jumpstart deployment and integration of your converged platform infrastructure into VMware, SAP HANA, Oracle or Microsoft® environments. In collaboration with our industry-leading partners, we can extend the range of converged application services to include:


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