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Certification Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional Program?
What credentials can candidates earn?
How do I get my credentials?
How do I get certification credit in the TNCPP program?
What exams are currently available?
How are the certification exams developed?
Who should become certified?
Why become certified?
Where are the exams offered, and how do I register to take the exams?
How much do the certification exams cost?
What is the format of the exams?
How long are the tests and what scores do you need?
How do I prepare for the exams?
Are there any credentials for sales professionals?
What is recommended for pre-sales technical professionals?
What does it cost for a Hitachi Data Systems Sales Qualification?
Are there any prerequisites for earning Hitachi Data Systems certification credentials?
What are the recertification rules?
What is the re-take policy?