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Demonstrate Your Expertise and Raise Your Visibility

The Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional program is an industry-leading program that will allow you to:

  • Validate your skills, knowledge and technical competencies.
  • Establish your credibility and increase your value in the IT marketplace.
  • Gain peer recognition and distinguish yourself from your competition.


The Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional program validates that our customers, partners and employees have demonstrated the knowledge, skills and abilities to innovate with Hitachi information solutions.

It is a role-based program that offers a variety of exams in the areas of solutions architecture, implementation and administration, using Hitachi Data Systems hardware, software, solutions, services and technology. It features a 2-tier assessment structure that provides an evolution path as professionals increase their expertise and advance their careers.

Tracks & Exams

This track is intended for Hitachi Data Systems partners and employees who sell products, solutions, services and technology from Hitachi Data Systems.


This track is intended for Hitachi Data Systems partners and employee pre-sales personnel who support the sales activities of Hitachi Data Systems products, solutions, services and technology.


This track is intended for Hitachi Data Systems partners and employee architect personnel who assess, plan and design solutions that meet the business needs of HDS customers.

Implementation and Integration

This track is intended for Hitachi Data Systems partners and employee implementation and professional services personnel who deploy, integrate and support solutions running on Hitachi Data Systems storage systems.

Installation and Support

This track is primarily intended for Hitachi Data Systems customer storage managers who use and administer HDS storage systems. It is also available to HDS employees and partners.

Basics and Fundamentals

This track is an entry-level track for audiences who seek basic knowledge and understanding of IT concepts, technologies and standards.

Legacy Implementer track

This track is intended for Hitachi Data Systems partners and employee installation personnel who install Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform and Hitachi Unified Storage VM systems. The associated exams remain available in order to satisfy current and legacy TrueNorth Partner Program compliance requirements.

Program Structure

The Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional program is a role-based program that offers accreditation and certification-level exams for IT-industry standard roles covering topics in the infrastructure, content and data protection domains.

Credential Levels

The Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional program features a 2-tier assessment structure in which low-stakes and high-stakes testing is used in combination with 4 credential levels. This structure gives IT professionals the most appropriate assessment method for their role. This also provides an upgrade path to accompany career growth, allowing candidates to validate their evolving expertise through exams of increased complexity.

Accreditation-Level Testing

Accreditation-Level Testing

This level of testing leverages low-stakes exams typically used in 2 contexts:

  • Validation of broad and general expertise on subjects that evolve rapidly and for which a flexible assessment mechanism with short development cycles is needed.
  • Validation of basic and fundamental technical knowledge acquired academically, usually through course attendance, and for which entry-level testing is appropriate.

Typical Hitachi Data Systems accreditation tests include 25 to 35 multiple-choice questions, may or may not be proctored and can be delivered as closed-book or open-book, either as end-of-course tests or in a stand-alone format.

In most cases, passing an accreditation test leads to a Qualification credential. Alternatively, an accreditation test may be one of the requirements for a certification credential. Two accreditation levels are available:

  • Associate
    A recognition of expertise acquired in an academic format for a given subject area. This entry-level credential validates introductory-level technical knowledge.
  • Professional
    A validation of general and foundational knowledge for a given subject area and aligned to a specific job role. Qualified professionals can perform general level work in selected subject areas.
Certification-Level Testing

Certification-Level Testing

Certification-level exams are designed to effectively and accurately validate that candidates have the skills, knowledge and abilities to perform specifically identified tasks relating to their job in real-life situations.

In order to pass certification exams, candidates are expected to use knowledge acquired through multiple means and experiences including various formal and informal training and learning methods.

It is therefore normal and expected that certification exams will cover topics that are beyond the sole scope of any given course or set of courses that have been identified to support the exams.

Hitachi Data Systems certification exams typically include 55 to 60 multiple-choice questions. They are closed-book proctored exams delivered at Prometric test centers.

In most cases, passing a certification exam leads to a Certification credential. Alternatively, multiple exams may be required for a certification credential. Two levels are available:

  • Specialist
    A validation that the candidate has the required technical knowledge, skills and abilities to perform advanced tasks in given subject areas. Certified specialists have multilayer technical skills, can handle complex solutions and are usually specialized in 1 or more areas.
  • Expert
    A recognition of very high levels of technical knowledge, skills and abilities in 1 or several areas. Certified experts combine their solid experience in the IT industry with strong expertise and business acumen to deliver high-value services in complex environments.
2012-2013 Equivalents

The Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional program structure changed in May 2014, introducing domains of expertise and a new exam numbering and naming scheme along with redesigned certification tracks.

View the Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional program 2012-2013 equivalents.


Introducing CertMetrics

Use the new self-service tracking system for Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional program. This new tool allows you to check your certification status, view your certification history, download certificates, and more.

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Certification Exam Spotlight

Hitachi Data Systems Qualified Professional – Hitachi Content Platform Installation HAT-460

This new test was designed specifically for partners and employees who install Hitachi Content Platform systems.

Certification Learning Paths

Explore the graphical representation of the certification paths by individual tracks, with exam names and numbers.

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